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Can't log into my account on the app

I must've changed my password at least 5 times and STILL can't get into my account. It just comes up with a message saying "Username or Password Incorrect." I have tried logging in with facebook, used every variation of my email, username and password and continually get the same message. Any solutions?

Hey folks,

Please can you uninstall the existing app on your device, and then download the latest official version from
If that still doesn't work we'd recommend reaching out to Support, so that they can take a closer look backstage.

So I made some progress, my ipad spotify also wasnt working but now it is which is good but I dont use it much. But my phone still doesnt work and im using spotify version


Thanks for all the info guys!


Just to make sure, can you try logging into your account on the web player or on the Spotify website?


Keep us in the loop. 

Yes, everything else works just fine, just app don't.

 Same here everything else is working just mobile app



Hey everyone!


Since this seems to be related to the Spotify app across different devices, let's try removing the app one more time. Once it's uninstalled, make sure you're downloading the latest official version through this link.


This should allow you to continue using Spotify as usual.


Let us know how it goes.




Still not working, just sends me back into the loop of username/password incorrect. It works on pc but not on my android phone which I'm trying to login on.


I can log in to Spotify using the correct password on the PC and web player but I can't seem to be able to log in using my android phone no matter what I do giving me the username or password are incorrect  , I rested the password, uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing seems to help  


Same here still not working on mobile device


Okay so I just uninstalled spotify then cleared cache and restarted my device and reinstalled and it fixed the issue 🙂



Glad to hear that everything is now working @lmeakin16!


In this case, can each of you guys send us a screenshot where we can see the Spotify version you have installed on your devices?