Can't play the current song--me or everyone?

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I have received the "Can't play the current song" track before but it always went away quickly. I went so far as to reinstall the application with no change. Is there a system error going on or am I an insulated issue?


All of the troubleshooting ideas for this in the community are pretty old and none of their suggestions made any difference.


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Hey @Jbucklee, thanks for reaching out to the Community for help!


To get started, could you let us know the following:


  1. Are those tracks are local files?
  2. What Spotify version are you using?
  3. What's your device OS?
  4. Does playback stops/the error appears at the beginning or middle of a track?
  5. Were you switching audio output when it happens?

We'll keep an eye over here.

Windows 10 anniversary updates. Desktop version. It started working later in the day out of seemingly nowhere.

Hey @Jbucklee,


Thanks for letting us know everything's working as it should!


We'll be closing this thread for now, but don't hesitate to write us back if you ever need us again.


All the best 🙂

Status changed to: Closed