Can't share a song due to Spotify being unable to identify my friend

Status: Closed

Device: DELL Laptop, Windows 7 Professional


Operating System Version: Windows 7 Professional Version


Spotify Version: Web Version


Description: Spotify will not identify my friend as I type and as a result, I can't share songs with him.


To reproduce:

  1. Select a song
  2. Select Share
  3. Start typing friend's name
  4. List gets populated with suggested friends but will not identify the correct one





Additional information:

This issue has been happening for a few months 




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Same issue here.  Cannot share with someone on my family plan...


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Just to confirm, does it only happen with one particular friend or more? 


Can you give the desktop app a go and let us know if you get the same result?



Status changed to: Closed

Happens with someone on my family plan, haven't tried anyone else lately.  Doesn't work on the desktop app either.


This happens to me with a specific user that I have been able to share songs to before.


Same here. With someone on my Family Plan too. Very annoying. Mad at you Spotify. I pay good money. Then I see Google Play, and other apps, and why am I pay here, when I can't even share?


 Did anyone find a fix for this issue.  Has been happening to me since being on familly plan.


I am seeing this issue was well, on both mobile and the desktop versions. 


On my account (a FB connected account) is no longer able to message or share songs to a "friend" who's accoutn is not connected to FB. Please feel free to contact me if you'd iike the accoutn details to reproduce .


more threads of similar complaints.


Some more information here : . Sound as though you can only share facebook linked to facebook linked account ? Quoted below.


Hi @uprisemusic and thanks for posting! Sorry it's taken so long for someone to get back to you. Unfortunately, at this time, Spotify only supports messaging people you're already friends with on Facebook. You might want to support this idea, which proposes a similar functionality.



Didn't realize this service requires Facebook to do something simple like sharing song/playlist info with SPOTIFY users. Unbelievable; I had to give up Rdio to come over to this nonsense? Now I may have to rethink the Apple Music thing. Not happy that I pay for a family of four and can't even send a simple shared playlist to my kids.