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Cannot add track to a playlist from Web Player

Hey folks,


We're receiving reports that an error message comes up on the Web Player while trying to add a track to a playlist.  


If you’re experiencing this issue, make sure to add your +VOTE and follow the instructions in the Status Update below.


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Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your browser is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




Plan: Free/Premium

Country: Colombia

Device: Web Player

Operating System: macOS 10.13.6


My Question or Issue

I can't add any songs to my existing playlists, I get the message "Oooops, something went wrong". 

Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 3.04.37 PM.png

I've been having the same issue ever since yesterday! It happens whenever I try to add to a playlist, whether it's adding an entire album or a single song. I've only got around 450 songs in my playlist, so it can't be a capacity issue. I hope someone can help with this! 

Plan: Premium

Country: South Africa

Device: Web Player

Operating System: Windows 10


Just recently I haven't been able to add songs to my playlists. Whenever I try it says in red at the bottom of my screen, "oooops, something went wrong." It does it on both my phone and on my computer when I try to add songs or albums/playlists to my playlist.


I'm having the same issue, I cannot add songs to any of my existing playlists.

Plan: Free
Country: France
Device: Web Player
Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04


I'm also having the same issue with the web player. I keep getting the "oops" message. So frustrating!


Same here, same message for any song on any playlist I try to add it to. 


Country: USA

Device: Web Player

Browser: Chrome Version 91.0.4472.124 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Operating System: Windows 10 Home Version 21H1




Operating System

(Windows 10)


My Question or Issue

Hello, I try to add songs to my playlists on web version of Spotify. When I drop the song to a playlist, I get an 'Oooops, something went wrong' error and nothing happens then. I used the 'Add to playlist' function, too, but without success - the same error appears. Till last week everything worked fine. I cleared cookies and cache, logged out and then logged in again a few times, restarted the browser, none of these steps helped. The problem keeps appearing on all of the PCs where I access the web version through Firefox, Chrome and Edge (I tried all of them). On the Spotify app for Windows I don't have this problem, but I use the web version more. What would be the reason for this issue?

Thank you!


Hi everyone, 


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community and bringing this to our attention.


This was reported by other users as well, but we received reports that the issue was fixed for some of them.


If you're still experiencing this, we suggest that you try logging out > clearing your browser's cache > logging back in. Then let us know if it works as expected now.


If it isn't, could you send us the exact make/model, operating system of your device and the version of your browsers? This would help us to keep investigating.


We'll be on the lookout for your replies.


Hi @Likey,


Thanks for reaching out to us. Let's see what we can do to help you out.


Since you've already tried using different PCs and browsers, please try connecting to a different internet network and test the Web Player again. 


If you get the same error, try logging with another account, such as a friend's or a family member's to see if the issue persists. In case you don't have access to another account, you can create a free one here.


Keep us posted!

It's fixed for me, thanks for the heads-up