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Cannot connect to Google home /chromecast

I am suddenly unable to connect to my Google home and chromecast devices to cast my music. When I open the app there are no devices available ( occasionally detects a tablet but says cannot cast to device). This is a problem on multiple devices. All other apps cast fine and detect all devices? 

Hey everyone,


We're closing this thread as we didn’t receive an answer from you. If you're still having the same issue, just give us a shout.


All the best 🙂


Same here since today, used to work pretty well. Can't cast from my Galaxy S6 running Android 6. Able to cast from other apps (like TuneIn) or from Chrome on my computer. Already did two resets of my Chromecast audio without any chance.


Tried everything . Hoping it's a problem at Spotify and will be corrected soon.


Tried everything . Hoping it's a problem at Spotify and will be corrected soon. Mines an S6 Android 7.0


I have the same problem, no deviced on spotify list... Yesterday was OK...


Yep, Android 7 here too, my mistake (latest upgrade available from Samsung) with latest Spotify app too. Some people on Reddit and Twitter are reporting the same issue.


Same issue with one phone, works fine on the other. Sad to see lack of any actual support help from spotify. I am a family subscriber...


Same issue. Device (Moto G5 Plus) can cast from Android, but Spotify does not show list. 


Started sometime today. Previously worked fine. 


I have this problem also.  Very frustrating.  My mom also can't connect to her sonos.


I am having the exact same issue today. All of a sudden my Android devices (Pixel XL, Pixel 2 XL and Nexus 7 (2013)) are all are unable to cast to any Chromecast Audio (CCA) devices. It was working earlier in the day then stopped working in the afternoon. The Spotify app doesn't see any Chromecast (CC) devices under "Connect to a device". Pandora and other music apps have no problem seeing all CC or CCA devices and can cast so it's not a device issue. It's clearly a Android Spotify issue.


On the iPad, the Spotify app does see all of the CC/CCA devices and casts without issue.


On my computer, I'm able to see all CC/CCA devices and cast from the Spotify web player without issues.


I've tried the following to no avail:

- Clearing cache and data on all three devices (multiple times)

- Uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify on all three devices (multiple times)

- Creating a new test account thinking it may be an account issue even though it's the same account on the iPad.

- Rebooting router

- Rebooting CC/CCA devices even though those shouldn't be an issue since the iPad has no issues. 


Hopefully someone from Spotify recognizes this issue and fixes it ASAP.



I am having the same problem. All of a sudden, my chromecast devices don't show up in the app. I've tried resetting everything, force stop spotify app, and uninstall/reinstall. Help