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Cannot create a playlist - android user

I am a Spotify Premium user (family acct). Using my Android phone, I attempted to create a playlist. I've never had a problem before, but now I do. I press the "create playlist" button, I type in the title of the new playlist and then I press "create". When I hit the button create, it just freezes there and nothing happens. Help! I want to make a playlist for a party that I want to throw.
Have tried creating a new playlist from the icon and from the context menu. Nothing happens and need to press "back" to get out of the dialogue. Android. Samsung s6.

Same problem with Sony Xperia z1


More reports in this thread.


Not too sure what's going on as I just fired up spotify to check again and it let me create a couple of playlists. Restarted spotify and now it isn't working. The dialogue for naming the new playlist pops up but nothing happens when the "create" button is touched. Only solution is to use the android back button to get rid of the dialogue box.


Galaxy S7 Edge

Android 6.01



Same with Nexus 6P Android 7.0


Same issue with ZTE Grand X 3

Android 5.1.1

Sporify version armv7


Same issue, HTC one m9


Same. s7


 same issue samsung galaxy s6


I am having the same issue with my Droid Mini. It might be the recent update that is causing the bug. If you have Spotify on a different device, such as a computer, then try creating your playlist on that. I have not tried this yet myself, but I plan on doing so. Unless, there is a better solution out there?


Same here in UK on my Nexus 6p running nought