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Cannot enter Password on a Windows PC. Cannot Log In with Facebook on a Windows PC.

Status: Closed

Cannot enter Password on Spotify on a Windows PC. Cannot Log In with Facebook on Spotify on a Windows PC. The UserName is OK on Spotify on a Windows PC. This issue has been submitted by many users in the Help - Desktop (Linux, Windows, Web Player) section in the Community since last Friday - 10/02/2015.


The latest install is causing this issue.  I verified that the above is working with a previous install.


A workaround is to press Shift+Tab and then press the Spacebar to manually navigate to UserName, Paswoord & Log In with Facebook on Spotify on a Windows PC, However, this technique can be a little tricky.


Also, once inside of Spotify on a Windows PC, the Notification Bell and the drop-down List are not clickable, so you will have to Logout at the bottom of Settings. 


Another workaround is to log into Facebook directly on the Web and use Spotify that way on your PC assuming you have previously enabled Web Access for Spotify on a Windows PC in your settings.


Spotify:  Please create a new install without the above issues ASAP. Thanx!

Status changed to: Closed

Hey @user-removed thank you for reporting this, we're currently investigating as we speak. 


For now it would be helpful if anyone experiencing this issue could try nativating to the password box by hitting the TAb key in the Username field.

If that doesn't work try the 'Log in with Facebook' button.


Please post here if you are still unable to enter your password. We're on the case.


I have accepted the reply by  to the original post as an interim solution in the Spotify Version that it had occurred in.

I have a new PC with Windows 10 Home and this issue is not a problem in the latest Spotify Version

My old PC had Windows Vista Home Premium 64-Bit.

I do not know if this issue has been fixed in the Spotify Version that it had originally occurred in.


P.S. It seems that the Spotify Version Number under Help | About Spotfiy can only be copied by highlighting it and then right-clicking on it and then select Copy from the drop-down list as highlighting it and pressing Ctrl & C does not work.



I have the same issue.. I've made a account with my facebook and also have a premium account, so im paying too.

But every time I try to log in with my facebook account my windows pc doesnt respons at all..

Same problem at my iPhone. On my phone it says im using the wrong username and password but im pretty sure they are good.


Please fix this, I want to listin music again on my way to work 😃

Status changed to: Closed