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Cannot move playlists within folders and/or the folders themselves via drag-and-drop.

We've received reports across multiple threads that rearranging playlists within folders and/or the folders themselves via dragging and dropping does not work as expected on the Desktop app. In most cases, nothing happens when trying to rearrange them. Both the Windows and Mac apps appear to be affected.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to announce that this should now be fixed for everyone.


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Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I'm experiencing issues with moving folders. I am able to move a Folder within an folder but I cannot drag it to desired location. So in the attached image I cannot move Bleed From Within Folder to any other order within the list. I can drag it to the B folder but there it's stuck to the top within that folder. I cannot move it to my desired location. This happend a little week ago and it doesn't work. I have tried multiply restarts, reinstall and nothing works.

Spotify Folders.png

Having the exact same problem here - Wanted to create a new folder and found out the system wasn't responding. When dragging a folder to another location, the green indicator line still shows up, but the folders won't move. Playlists are still moving however so I have been moving playlists past the new folders so they can be moved to a separate location, but this only works minimally as the folder still can't be moved past other folders. Somehow you can move a folder into another folder but you can't move it out. 


Automatically generated folders will stay at the top and can't be moved at all. Also tried to create a playlist and move it to the very bottom, but it's not letting me do that either. Used to be able to move the folders up above it so I could have my latest playlists at the bottom, but haven't been able to figure out how to do anything yet. 


Partial solution: If you want to move a folder into the middle of some other folders, just create a new playlist, move the playlist into position, then select the playlist and create a new folder from there, which will generate below the playlist. Then delete the playlist and the folder will be in place. Kinda sucks if you have a folder with playlists inside but you'll just have to create a new folder and move all the playlists into that one. 


The hoops you have to jump though. I honestly do not get Spotify this year. Ohh of course bugs happen, does all the time on other software, but it's like they introduced useless, buggy feature after each other and completely neglecting the honest feedback from the Community. 

But @nassan, that trick worked like a charm! A lot of hoops to jump though but manage to get my playlists into the correct folder placement 😄 My OCD can relax now 🙂 Thanks for the tip!!!






Operating System

Windows 10, desktop app


My Question or Issue

In the side bar when under custom order for playlists, you cannot drag and drop the playlist folders. I have several different folders to organise my playlists into different genres etc and I cannot reorder them so have to scroll to the bottom to get to my most used ones.


I'm having the exact same issue, and it started about a week ago. This is on Spotify Desktop (not mobile) with Windows 10. When set to "Playlists" and "Custom order", Spotify will no longer let me move existing playlist folders (if I try to drag them, it ignores the command). This will become annoying very quickly as I tend to move my current interests to the top. Hopefully this is an easy fix! 

Here's my version info:

Spotify for Windows (64 bit)
Thanks, Nate


Same issue here but I believe it's the folders I can't move around. The playlists themselves seem to be movable.


Spotify for Windows (64 bit)








Operating System

Windows 11


My Question or Issue

I cannot sort folders anymore on the left side bar. I am using custom orders. I can sort playlist, move playlist inside folders, but cannot change the order of my folders. When I drag and drop them they stay at their initial position. I need it because I have A LOT of folders.



Yeah man, found this issue around the same time as you guys. It seems like no one else cares! Well, I tried to work my way around it too and failed. Spotify seriously you gotta admit, this isn't just a bug. This is basic organizational feature. You need to fix this ASAP, pretty please! Ty

It's so annoying. I have been such a Spotify lover for SOO many years but this year it's really gone downhill fast. Everything they do a now improved update it's worse then what was there before. A lot of nonsense updates, UX that doesn't make sense, and now buggy and or again poor features. 

But with regards to moving folders the hack by NASSAN actually does work. It's a lot of hoops but works. Move a single playlist into place. Right click and create a folder that folder will appear underneath. Rename, and add the playlists into the folder. Delete what you don't need. That worked for me 😄



I'm having this problem as well. Driving me crazy.