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Cannot use the Web Player from Internet Explorer 11

Lots of people reporting the same problem in the community here:


The issue is that rather than a player interface appearing a page is shown telling you to enable playback in the browser. This is a recent change.


Note that for many users in work environments changing the browser and installing software are not an option. Also I cannot use mobiles or tablets in the workplace so IE 11 is my only portal to Spotify at work.


Can someone at Spotify please comment on this?.

Hi everybody!


We've created this post regarding this topic, in order to clarify the situation. As we released a new web player a few weeks back, only the following web browsers meet the requirements to run it: Chrome 45+, Firefox 47+ and Edge 14+. You can also check this info here


We understand how you all feel, and that many of you don't have access to a different web browser. Have for sure that we'll pass all your feedback on to the right team. 


Any other questions that you have, don't hesitate to get back to us. 


Take care. 


Hi, I have been using spotify for years both in mobile apps, on consoles, and on the desktop web player (no app downloaded). I use spotify on a daily basis at work where i cannot download apps, and have been using the webplayer, i logged on this morning and instead of the usual log in, the web player re-directs me to the support site to 'enable player your browser'. is there anyway to get to basic web player again rather than downlaod the webplayer app or plug ins (which i cannot do on a work PC)


I've got the same problem. It is a work computer so upgrading the browser and installing software is not an option.


Is there a way of getting to the web player in Internet Explorer 11?. The help page says it is still supported and it worked fine yesterday.


I have the same problem, it worked fine last week then today i discovered the exact same issue as you have, have anyone found a solution?


Yep. Same problem here.

And the link to the support page doesn't even mention internet explorer. Additionally changing settings or downloading additional pluggins is not possible because it's a corporate pc managed by admin.



Yup, same. Yesterday it worked without problems.


Same problem, also on a work computer...


Same problem for me, unable to play music in work.


I have the same problem 😞


unfortunately i am on IE 11 and having this issue so i guess not, other colleagues within my company also can't access it either


Unfortunately not, all the other comments are having the same issue since yesterday so i assume it was upgraded over night, and as they say on work PC's upgrading is not an optoin nor is downloading add ons or plug ins