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Cannot use the Web Player from Internet Explorer 11

Lots of people reporting the same problem in the community here:


The issue is that rather than a player interface appearing a page is shown telling you to enable playback in the browser. This is a recent change.


Note that for many users in work environments changing the browser and installing software are not an option. Also I cannot use mobiles or tablets in the workplace so IE 11 is my only portal to Spotify at work.


Can someone at Spotify please comment on this?.

Hi everybody!


We've created this post regarding this topic, in order to clarify the situation. As we released a new web player a few weeks back, only the following web browsers meet the requirements to run it: Chrome 45+, Firefox 47+ and Edge 14+. You can also check this info here


We understand how you all feel, and that many of you don't have access to a different web browser. Have for sure that we'll pass all your feedback on to the right team. 


Any other questions that you have, don't hesitate to get back to us. 


Take care. 


Same problem here, and i'm on a work computer. Hopefully a solution comes about soon 🙂


I had a chat session earlier with Spotify support. Their suggestion was to try in-cogntio mode and clear cookies. Neither suggestions worked for me. They claimed that Web Player was working with Internet Explorer 11 at their end.


What does it take to get a problem escalated?.


Also went to try Spotify today with the same problem to, not working on IE. Commenting hoping they will escalate and fix.


Same issue here.  Working yesterday, today I get the "Enable player in your brower" screen.


Same here too, "Enable player in your brower" screen and that's it.


Same problem here!

It was working fine yesterday and today it disappeared.


I cannot work without Spotify, please solve the issue 😞


Same issue, same circumstance - I cannot install things on my work laptop.  I really hope Spotify isn't trying to push all PC users into the app because I have a feeling that a large chunk of their paying customer base uses it at work in the browser for this exact reason.


If I can't use it at work, I won't continue to pay for a subscription...


EDIT:  I switched to using IE for Spotify because Chrome (which I have installed on my work laptop) started directing you to open.spotify instead of play.spotify; open's features are greatly reduced and the interface is much worse.  Well, niether version works on IE but it seems open.spotify is still working on Chrome.  Yikes.

One way to get around this:  There is a plugin for Chrome called "Chrome UA Spoofer" and it lets you get to play.spotify by pretending the chrome browser is an IE browser.  So that's my solution for now...


I'm having the same issues - same browser, work computer, functioning last week. I may have to cancel my subscription if this doesn't work. Can't use Chrome in our office. 😞


Same issue, same message.  My PC has apparently been upgraded to IE 11 (it is also a work PC), and the options Spotify provides does not mention IE at all.


Looks like a lot of us are in the same boat; regular office listeners on non-modifiable work computers. This is killing me not having my playlists to listen to, especially coming back after a long weekend! Hopefully a solution appears sooner than later...