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Cannot use the Web Player from Internet Explorer 11

Lots of people reporting the same problem in the community here:


The issue is that rather than a player interface appearing a page is shown telling you to enable playback in the browser. This is a recent change.


Note that for many users in work environments changing the browser and installing software are not an option. Also I cannot use mobiles or tablets in the workplace so IE 11 is my only portal to Spotify at work.


Can someone at Spotify please comment on this?.

Hi everybody!


We've created this post regarding this topic, in order to clarify the situation. As we released a new web player a few weeks back, only the following web browsers meet the requirements to run it: Chrome 45+, Firefox 47+ and Edge 14+. You can also check this info here


We understand how you all feel, and that many of you don't have access to a different web browser. Have for sure that we'll pass all your feedback on to the right team. 


Any other questions that you have, don't hesitate to get back to us. 


Take care. 


I have the exact same issue. It was working ok on monday evening ( last time used 21:30 CET). Windows ask to install some updates which i did just before shuting down the PC. Next day (tuesday), web player was not working and was redirected to the "enable the web player" site which does NOT include Internet explorer. So it might be possible that the update is causing the problem. Anyways, I tried erasing cookies and reinstalling java (dont really know if it is based on java) but have not succeeded. Still can not get it to work on IE.


Same issue and no word from anyone from spotify support... Does they care about this or they just dont read people's incidences?


Please, provide a solution for your costumers.


Ok folks, so I just contacted the support chat. I hope they are wrong, but basically what they told me is that Internet explorer is not supported for the web player! either firefox, chrome or edge should be used!




this is really annoying. on work (without admin rights, forced to use IE) i can never use spotify anymore?

i will look for other playback options and will cancel my premium account.


Some what good news... I just finished a chat with spotify support, letting them know about this issue and that I am not the only one with the problem. What they told me is that they have sent the issue to their tech department to look in to and fix. So i'm corssing my fingers it will be resolved soon! 


Same problem. This really sucks too because everyone in my office is annoying and loud and the wifi/internet connection on my phone is intentionally lagged so we're not on our phones all the time. Spotify really got me through my work day. They need to fix this ASAP.


I am also a fan of over

I will try the "browser spoofer" that others here have mentioned to try to get to play -using Chrome.


As a sysadmin, I can understand work computers being locked down and disallowing software installs.  But I'm surprised at how many people are *required* to use IE.  I *disallow* IE on my users' machines.  Anything but!




WebPlayer should work on IE11 running on Windows 8 and above, some IE11 versions may need to have "Media Feature Pack" installed for playback to work  


Unfortunatelly WebPlayer will not work using IE11 on Windows 7 


The webplayer worked on IE11 on Windows 7 2 days ago.  Just stopped working, and nothing from Spotify explaining why.


Spotify, I can't upgrade my work computer's browser. Like many, many offices, the infrastructure here is based in IE11 and IT shows no sign of upgrading to a modern browser anytime soon. I cannot download new programs, make adjustments to my browser, or add media player codecs/upgrades. As you can see from these comments, I'm far from the only person in this predicament. I understand upgrading and modernizing your platform, but a huge contingent of us work in offices that rely on long-engrained systems. If you were to give us notice, such as "Spotify will no longer be supported through Internet Explorer X in a month" or something, this would be less crummy. But if you're just dropping us without word, I'm going to figure out an alternate service I can use here and cancel my subscription. Would be hugely disappointing from such a great company.