Cast from Android to Roku

There should be a way to cast to Roku like you can to a PlayStation. Having to search for songs with the Roku remote is too cumbersome.
Status changed to: Not An Issue

Hi @leeburt82! Thanks for writing on the Community.


We don't have any info on this right now, but we'll let our developers know it's something you'd like to see. You can also add your to support the idea on this thread.


If you have other questions, feel free to get back to us.


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I have Spotify Premium specifically to play it through my television system and several timed, after adding Spotify to my WiFi and Roku device, None of my Playlists are visible.   I did speak to text support and it appeared my playlist has been moved to another email account address but I could not find that listed as one of the accounts so none of my playlists were visible on any account it happened again and it's happening right now. I can easily access every thing on Spotify from my Android phone but I can't access anything through the Spotify added to my Roku stations. I became weary of this and just cancelled the premium account today. I'm very disappointed for paying over $10 a month for something I could rarely access.


Yes, please add this feature or add our lists back on the roku app. This has ruined dance party time with my daughter. Searching for every song on her playlist when we want to jam out is cumbersome. So, yes, please fix this!


Hey, Since Spotify has removed Playlists from the Roku channel there's no real good functional way to play music using Spotify on these devices. This would give users the ability to play their playlists on Spotify via Roku (and thus their big stereo systems). You could implement it either as "Cast to" a Roku device or Spotify Connect. Both ways would satisfy the customers needs of playing their playlists on the Roku.


 Can I second this idea. I usually use my phone to cast to my t.v. using chromecast which works a treat. At my brothers and disappointed the Spotify app on the ROKU stick does not have this same function.