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Chrome 56: Broken Web Player

I logged into Spotify on Google Chrome v.56 to discover the Spotify web player does not work.


Clearing cookies/cache and restarting does not work. Making sure that Spotify's plug-in is given special access does not work.


I've already tried:

In Chrome:
Preferences > Settings > Privacy > Content settings > Unsanded plug-in access > Manage exceptions.

Add '[*.]'

Mark as 'Allow'

Click 'Finished'




Hi everyone!


Thanks for all your recent reports here. This should now be fixed.


If you're still experiencing issues, we'd recommend checking your VPN or any internal restrictions on your network. VPN's can cause issues when used with Spotify and if possible, we'd suggest disabling them. 

We'd also suggest clearing your browser's cache/cookies and refreshing.




Same here, but I'm no a MacOS (El Capitan).


Spotify logged me off two days ago (it never happened before), now I can't log in or even sign up at It doesn't make any sense, especially for sign up, where I'm not even asked for my login credentials. My Facebook account is okay, I've already tried different browsers, incognito mode and two different machines. Something went really wrong, Spotify.


(my Spotify account is linked to my Facebook profile so the only way I could log in was via "Log in with Facebook" button", also I refuse to install their application as it trashed SSD in my Macbook a few months ago writing thousands of terabytes to it within a few months)


I have this problem as well, but the captcha I am not a robot won't even load for me.


Hey @Verdandi! Welcome to the community!


It looks like you're using an adblocker. Could you disable those kind of plugins and see if Spotify Web Player works after that? Let me know how it goes.


Take care! 🙂


Hey 🙂 I have a similar issue with @bartkarp. I get the never ending loading and no online player. Can you try this page and see if it works for you?



Let me know if that helps!



That page doesn't work either, I'm afraid. Still getting the "Reload" error.


Thanks for the timely response. I turned off the AdBlocker, reloaded, no dice. As you can see in the attached image, I'm having the same problem. The 'play' button down below doesn't function. I can click it a dozen times, and it won't play anything. Pressing 'reload' doesn't fix the problem either. 😞


Hey @Verdandi!


Thanks for your reply! Alright, let's try something else. Could you open an incognito window and open the Web Player there? If that didn't work, could you try to use a different browser? Let me know how it goes.


Keep rocking! 🙂

Same problem here.


Hey @user-removed! Welcome to the community!

That's not cool! Could you also try to disable any plugins that might be interfering with Spotify? If that didn't work, could you open the Web Player in an incognito window?


Thanks, have a nice day! 🙂


Same problem here. Works in IE, but not chrome.