Chrome 56: Broken Web Player

I logged into Spotify on Google Chrome v.56 to discover the Spotify web player does not work.


Clearing cookies/cache and restarting does not work. Making sure that Spotify's plug-in is given special access does not work.


I've already tried:

In Chrome:
Preferences > Settings > Privacy > Content settings > Unsanded plug-in access > Manage exceptions.

Add '[*.]'

Mark as 'Allow'

Click 'Finished'




Hi everyone!


Thanks for all your recent reports here. This should now be fixed.


If you're still experiencing issues, we'd recommend checking your VPN or any internal restrictions on your network. VPN's can cause issues when used with Spotify and if possible, we'd suggest disabling them. 

We'd also suggest clearing your browser's cache/cookies and refreshing.



  • Eu estou tendo o mesmo problema. Como resolver isso?
  • Por favor.

I just purchased a Chromebook and the Spotify web player says, "This browser doesn't support Spotify Web Player. Switch browsers or download Spotify for your desktop." I tried downloading Spotify  for Chromebook but nothing happened when I clicked the link. I don't have any VPNs or restrictions on my network. How can I make the web player work on my Chromebook?