Chrome 56: Broken Web Player

I logged into Spotify on Google Chrome v.56 to discover the Spotify web player does not work.


Clearing cookies/cache and restarting does not work. Making sure that Spotify's plug-in is given special access does not work.


I've already tried:

In Chrome:
Preferences > Settings > Privacy > Content settings > Unsanded plug-in access > Manage exceptions.

Add '[*.]'

Mark as 'Allow'

Click 'Finished'




Hi everyone!


Thanks for all your recent reports here. This should now be fixed.


If you're still experiencing issues, we'd recommend checking your VPN or any internal restrictions on your network. VPN's can cause issues when used with Spotify and if possible, we'd suggest disabling them. 

We'd also suggest clearing your browser's cache/cookies and refreshing.



Spotify Legend

Hey @bjakubski!


We're glad to hear everything's working now.


At the moment, switching manually between UIs is not an option. We're still making tweaks to the latest version of the web player. Hopefully you'll see the new layout again soon without any issues.


Give us a heads up if anything changes. 


Keep on rocking 🙂


The web player suddenly stopped working.
If I login to the web player, it immediatly displays the message
"Mit der Playlist ist wohl etwas schiefgelaufen" (~ something went wrong with the playlist). I can browse through playlists, songs and everything. But the player never starts to play songs.

On a side note: The Android client works without problems.

Tested with:
- Chrome Version 48.0.2564.116 Ubuntu (64-bit)
- Opera 43.0.2442.1144 Ubuntu (64-bit)

Logged out, logged in, cleared all data, hard refresh, private mode. Does not work.

See attachment for what is happening.

UPDATE: I tried with Firefox 52.0 on Ubuntu, still not working. But Firefox prompted me that I needed to activate DRM features. After I did this, the playback starts! May be completely unrelated. But the silence is gone 🙂

Tried with Chrome Version 57.0.2987.110 (64-bit): Works!
Opera 43 still not working.


Hey strange_matter try heading over to twitter and write to @spotifycares in a DM they often answer within 2 days and provide nice answers 🙂


@MarkPedersen thank you, I'll try that. 

Meanwhile, I made some progress, see my update to the topic 🙂


When I try to load spotify in my browser it won't let me play anything. Everything loads fine, just not playing. Any sugestions?


Hey @howard2007!


That's not cool. Are you getting any error messages? If possible, send us a screenshot to take a closer look. Have you tried the steps @Jim suggested?


Keep us posted.


I'm not getting any error messages in Chrome 57. The play buttons just aren't responding. And yes I've tried those steps.


Hey all,

Despite the party line from the Spotify "Rockstars" and Moderators in this thread that the new UI can't be rolled back per user, apparently it can because mine was rolled back last week and everything is now working fine.


To be clear, I was not able to rollback to the original (and completely functional) webplayer UI. But one day I opened it to check if it was working, and the old UI was there again and everything was working. So if you're still having this issue, keep making noise and maybe they will roll you back too.


Good luck!


Yea it's fun paying for a service and not being able to utilize it...


Thanks for getting back to us!


Great to hear that is working, @cmonster. If the issue persist, let us know. 


Also @howard2007, sorry to hear that you feel that way. Can you try to open this link from an incognito window? 


Let us know how it goes.