Chrome 56: Broken Web Player

I logged into Spotify on Google Chrome v.56 to discover the Spotify web player does not work.


Clearing cookies/cache and restarting does not work. Making sure that Spotify's plug-in is given special access does not work.


I've already tried:

In Chrome:
Preferences > Settings > Privacy > Content settings > Unsanded plug-in access > Manage exceptions.

Add '[*.]'

Mark as 'Allow'

Click 'Finished'




Hi everyone!


Thanks for all your recent reports here. This should now be fixed.


If you're still experiencing issues, we'd recommend checking your VPN or any internal restrictions on your network. VPN's can cause issues when used with Spotify and if possible, we'd suggest disabling them. 

We'd also suggest clearing your browser's cache/cookies and refreshing.




Well, we all know that fixing the Web Player is not a priority. Thank God it has not affected my regular bowel movements--at least not yet anyway.


Do you have "Disable HTML5 Autoplay" installed?  If so, click "disable nothing" while on the player page and see if it fixes it. It did for me.


Thanks for the feedback dham2, but I don't have that plugin installed.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Under investigation


We hope you're well.


We're still looking into this with the right teams here, however we'd love to know how you're getting on.

Can you please try the below steps for us? We know most of you will have tried these already, however it'd be great if you could give these a go once more, as the right folks are working hard to get to the bottom of things.

1: Clear your browser's cache.
2: Restart your device. 

Keep us posted with the results,



Clearing the cache and restarting the device did not solve the problem immediately, but it is one of the things I tried. Currently, the Web player works just fine in Chrome, even behind a firewall.

If adjusting HTML5 Autoplay to "disable nothing" didn't work (if
installed), try this:

The left side of the address bar should read something like "Secure" with a
pad lock icon. Click that, go down to JavaScript, click to view the drop
down choices, and set "always enable on this site."


i tried several works-arounds but no-joy, so i am back to using a IE10 user-agent on chrome to force instead of

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey folks!

Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

We appreciate everyone letting us know how it's going.


In this case, can you try things out on Chrome, or Firefox for us?
We think this will help.







 None of the suggested fixes worked including clearing caches and restarting (again), enabling Javascript (it already was) or the HTML 5 thing since I don't have that extension installed.

BUT, installing User-Agent Switcher plug-in for Chrome ( and setting it to IE 10 for the tab I am trying to use spotify for does work! Thank you @11124221810 for that tip! Now, when I try to go to, it actually oes to that instead of and the old player comes up. THANK YOU FOR THAT! Hopefully spotify doesnt block this.



Casual Listener

The new web player UI is actually the worst thing i have ever used.  How did you manage to make the old player worse?  I didn't think there could POSSIBLY be anything worse than the old UI, but you have really outdone yourselves here, Spotify.  Please fire whoever is in charge of that team and replace them with a team of monkeys banging on type-writers.  Glad your user support is soooooooo great (tur-dur have you tried clearing cache and restarting?  no, grandma, let me try that, the most basic of all help.  I better check to make sure my machine is plugged in first).  


So, to recap:  Your UI is awful, big step backwards.  Please take a note from pandora, as when they unveiled their very own terrible new UI, they at least gave you the option of loading the old (read: working) website.  Also, fire some people.  Like 10-12 at least, possibly manager-director level.  Consider replacing with people good at their jobs.  


Thanks in advance,

Ian Buxbaum

co-signed, every customer. 


PS how can you STILL not sort the playlist display alphabetically, or for that matter sort a playlist (i.e. by artist).  HOW?!?!?!