Chromecast Audio stops playing after about 1 minute


Iphone 5 and Oneplus One 


Operating System Version:

latest on both devices 


Spotify Version:

5.1.0 on iOS and on Android 



When I play a song on my chromecast audio, the connection to the devie is lost after around the one minute mark and the song stops to play. This just startet with the latest update, never had the issue before. It doesn't matter if I stream from my Android or my iOS device, the behavior is exactly the same. Other apps play fine on my Chromecast Audio. 


To reproduce:

  1. Connect to Chromecast Audio
  2. Play a song
  3. ...




Additional information:

I'm a premium user  


Hey Ladies and Gentlemen


Thanks for reporting this issue! It seems it has been fixed but if anybody is still experiencing this issue please feel free to create another post and we can look into it 🙂


Have an awesome day!


having the exact same problem now


having this exact same issue.  started today.


Me too. Exact same problem.


Chromecast-Spotify says that it can't login.


Yesterday and for month it has been working brillantly.


This started happening to me as well right now. I start playing a song, and after about a minute the music stops and spotify is disconnected from the chromecast.


I have the same problem. It worked fine yesterday.


Having exatly the same problem - working fine yesterday. I hadn't noticed that anything had updated - what is the update that is causing problems for people?


iPhone 5c - updated to latest iOS

Spotify Version 5.1.0

Premium User

I'm having the same issue here tried logging in and out but the problem persists. Says it cant login

I have THE same problem since today 


Same thing here on a Nexus 6.  I have multiple Chromecasts and it is the same with all of them.  I tested it multiple times and the audio stops after exactly one minute.  I've rebooted everything.  I've repositioned the devices for optimal signal.  


Tried again, and same thing.  Exactly one minute of playback.  I'm able to immediately reconnect to the chromecast(s).  after the 1 minute stop.  


Device: Nexus 6

Android 6.0.1

Spotify Mobile Version

Chromecast Firmware version 1.18.55065



same here