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Chromecast shuffle

Well guys, at first, being connected to a chromecast and playing playlists or just your song library, Spotify would only shuffle the first 100 songs. So now it does shuffle in different letters than "A" and "B", but only in the same letter as the first song you played or is chosen by the "Shuffle Play" option. For example: I press the song Immortalized - Disturbed, it only plays songs that start with an "I".

Any one else having this problem? Or know what's going in here?

Hey @LSchoen,



As we haven't heard anything back, we’re going to close this for now 🙂


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Hey @LSchoen and welcome to our Community!


Could you let us know if this happens across all your devices? It'd be great if you could also tell us if this happens with a specific playlist (downloaded or not), or with a section of the app in particular (like the Songs page).


Keep us posted 🙂


Actually I don't have the possibility to change devices. The problem used to be that Spotify would only shuffle the first 100 songs from a Playlist bigger than that or from the "songs" in library. 


The problem now seems to be that whenever I press to play a song, the shuffle mode gets stuck in the same starting letter. For instance, I press For whom the bell toll - Metallica, Spotify shuffles in the letter F. Not giving me anything else that starts with any other number or letter. 


I have a chromecast (bought this year) connected to a television, with Spotify on my Samsung Note 4. All are updated with the newest stuff. 


Thanks for the info.


If you try to shuffle play any playlist from a different account, does the same thing happen?


Also, is your Chromecast and your mobile device connected to the same WiFi network when you try it? If so, try restarting your router, or use a different Internet connection if possible.


We'll be waiting for your response.


I see the same issue. Shuffling is fine from multiple android devices directly, but when I chromecast from either I sew the described issue.


That's odd. 


Can you check if you have the latest firmware installed on your Chromecast device? Also, your device should be connected to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast.


We'd recommend removing your Chromecast, wait 30 seconds, and try to use it again.


Let us know how it goes.

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Hey @LSchoen,



As we haven't heard anything back, we’re going to close this for now 🙂