Client hangs

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More often than not, the client hangs, especially when changing song.


Client will hang for quite a while with balloon indicating that it doesn't respond.




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Have you already tried to fix it by reinstalling Spotify? To do that, please follow the steps in the link below:!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify


Did you try reinstalling yourself?


Hey @henrikwils 


Is this still happening with your desktop app? Were you able to try a clean reinstall - as suggested? 

Status changed to: Closed
Status changed to: Closed

Me too, instead of once a week or so, it's happening almost every time I switch devices or open spotify for first time that day.


Also, I don't like the new "what people are listening" to format. I only see one song per person instead of a more live streaming record of what people are listening to. I don't care for half of what the novice listener has found on spotify. I want to stalk the avid pro who listens to 100 songs a day, all genres.


Can I change it back to the old way where it just shows everything everyone listens to?


Finally, it won't let me drag songs from "what people are listening to" to playlists anymore. This is frustrating because I have to "add to queue" or play now if I want to check out the song without the ability to drag to my TO BE LISTENED playlist.


Can I change it back so I can drag songs from "what people are listening to" to a playlist without adding to queue or playing right then?


Thanks for your patience.

Status changed to: Closed