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(iPhone X and Alienware 15 R3

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(iOS 12.3.1 and Windows 10)


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I found out that I can see collaborative playlists on one of my friend's profiles, and even edit them, yet I was never invited to them. Also, I do not follow their playlists or their profile. Why is this?

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Thanks for all of the info and your patience. We've let our tech team know, and they're investigating this. We don't have an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app.


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Do you happen to know the link of that playlist? Or, it just appear on your friend's profile? It is supposed to be private and only those who have the link can access it. I am not quite sure but you better ask and inform your friend that his collaborative playlist is showing to public.


It just automatically appears on his profile. It’s  weird because I couldn’t see it until a couple days ago, even though some of the songs were added to the playlist like a month ago. I will let him know, thanks.


Great! Thanks for reaching this out here. Let me raise this to the Management also for them to be aware of this. Stay tuned... I'll update you for whatever they may say about this issue.


Great, thank you very much!


You don't have to be "invited" to collaborative playlists or even be friends with the owner .. they just become open to other members to add to them (just when they find them via a search, for example).  Also, you can toggle a playlist to be collaborative, public, or private, so it is possible your friend created it previously (thus songs added a month ago) but just changed it to collaborative in the playlist settings.





Hi! I just have a quick question...


Do you or your friend uses android device?


I don’t but I believe he does.


It's just strange that it allows me to edit the collaborative playlists without following them or having been given a link to them. Also, I was under the impression that collaborative playlists don't show up on a user's profile.


I'm not sure about showing up on your profile .. but using the Android app, yesterday I was able to search random playlists, open one that was collab and add to it.  It stated the user who added the song next to the title .. but it didn't require me to have permission or friendship with the owner.  Today, I can't add to that playlist and it is no longer giving credit to the person who added it .. I think the owner changed it back to public instead of collaborative.  It does (at least now) show up on his profile as a playlist.


I will go see if I can happen upon another collaborative playlist that behaves like this one did yesterday.




Hmm, interesting. There seems to be a lot of variability when it comes to how collaborative playlists work. There have been some (using the IOS app) that I could see on a user’s profile and others that have been hidden unless I had a link.