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Collaborative playlist option link not working

Hey folks!


We're receiving reports that collaborators are unable to add songs to collaborative playlists. The invite link works but only redirects to viewing the playlist. Adding tracks doesn't work.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We're happy to announce that this should now be fixed for everyone - just make sure you're running the latest version of Spotify.


If you're still having trouble you can post a new thread in the relevant help board here.


Have a good one!







Samsung Galaxy Ultra 

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My Question or Issue

I shared my Playlist to someone, then decided to add them as a collaborator, so I sent them a new link. I've tried to invite them through different messaging services buy while they can see the Playlist, they can't add to it. I have confirmed that they are clicking on the collaborator link. They have removed it from their library and reclicked the link. Nothing has allowed them to edit this Playlist. They are collaborators on another Playlist I made successfully. The only difference is that I shared it first, then tried to switch them to collaborator.


Hi there! Reactivating this post because I'm having the same issue. I have a premium account (family plan, Brazil) and I'm using an Android device. I've already re-installed the app. The playlist is public. When I click on "Add collaborators" it does not make the playlist collaborative and I noticed that the link generated by the button "Add collaborators" is exactly the same link that is generated by the button "Share playlist", that is, it does not allow other people to add music to the playlist, only to listen to it. There must be a bug.


Hi everyone! I'm having this issue, I can invite someone to a playlist but they don't appear as collaborators and cannot add any music. The playlist is public, but still not working. Can you help me out with this?

Thanks in advance


I managed to make it work by doing the following:


- Swipe right to the second sharing option (after clicking add collaborator, swipe right once)

- Change the color of the background (probably optional, but when it first worked I did that, so I stuck with it)

- Copy link to clipboard and share manually picking your medium of choice (I chose whatsapp)

- Create a separate link for each collaborator (not sure if required, I did and it works)



Doing anything else I had the same issues as everyone here.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey folks!


This is now being investigated 🙂 


There's a few troubleshooting steps we can go for in the meantime, please go over them and let us know if anything makes a difference:

  • Try clearing your cached data.
  • Log out and then back in twice in a row to trigger a manual sync of your settings.
  • Check if using a different device would do any good.
  • Check the same with a different internet connection.
  • Create a new Collaborative playlist to see if the error is present on it as well.

Should the issue persist, in order for us to further look into this, if you haven't already, please leave the following info for us:

  • Your affected devices and their OS versions
  • Your Spotify app versions
  • When the issue has roughly started. Was it after an OS or app update?
  • The troubleshooting steps you've gone over so far.

Many thanks! We'll be on the lookout.




Plan  Premium  Country  USA  Device  Samsung Galaxy 20/20+/Windows PC  Operating System  Android One UI 5.1, Windows 10  Spotify Version 


My friend and I have both tried adding each other as collaborators on a couple different playlists, we've tried on our phone and my computer but it won't allow adding or editing the playlists. We tried deleting cache, signing out, using desktop app and web loader, even tried to see if it would generate different URLs for editing playlists, tried using different playlists, tried deleting the URL after the & and after the ? and nothing has worked.


This happened after the most recent spotify update


Tried mobile data and wifi, no difference


new playlists have the same issue


Tried playlists I used to be a collaborator on, no difference


Update: also tried on spotify version


Hi there! I have same issue here. I could add collaborators on my playlist in the past,  he could add songs ..etc. now I send him the link, but the link send him to his home page..and he can't find any way to accept my invitation! This is annoying! Pls help!


I had this issue the other week and these were my results:


I just tested this with the Spotify and Messenger iOS apps on 2 different iPhones and 2 different Spotify accounts on each iPhone.


If you go to the options menu of the playlist in the Spotify app and tap on "Invite collaborators" at the bottom of the menu list and then tap on the "Copy link" option and then manually paste it into a Messenger chat, then it works for me when I click on the link from Messenger. On one of the times I tested this it did not work at first, but then when I went back to Messenger to tap on the link again, it worked the second time.


Another option is to click on "More" in the share menu and "copy link" from there. Not sure what the difference is copying the link from there vs the other share menu, but that has worked for some users.


However, when I tried using the Messenger share option from the Spotify app, then the link sent in the Messenger chat doesn't work. So make sure to copy the link from the Spotify app and paste it directly in the Messenger app. And if that doesn't work, you can try a different chat app. It could be that something in the URL gets stripped out when sent, the full URL is important for it to work.


hi, I'm.having the same issue, I tried on desktop and on my phone, neither the people I want the playlist have been able to make it work, we've been following the steps on the previous link but we can't seem to make it