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[Connect] Spotify Connect Issue

Status: Closed


Windows, OS X, Linux, iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


Operating System Version:

Windows 8 Pro,El Capitan, Ubuntu 15.04, iOS 9.0, Android 5.0.1.


Spotify Version:



Hi there,

 I'd like to make aware Spotify support aware that many people are complaining about a Spotify Connect issue with several devices including Denon ones.

 We are paying monthly fees to get access to Spotify connect and our deviceq aren't able to play sustained music using the Spotify Connect feature !!

 Please help us rapidly.

 The spotify community thread is the following : LINK

 Thanks for your support.


To reproduce:






Additional information:








It seems we didn't receive a reply. We're setting this as "Closed" in the meantime.

Feel free to give us a shout if the issue persists 🙂

Status changed to: Closed

Hey @fxr_


If you could please post all the information in your post then we can further look into this 🙂


Hey @fxr_


I have edited your post to make it clearer and easier to find 🙂




Thanks for taking the time to investigate...


I had already reported an issue in this forum a few days ago; you can find all the details here:




I have tested again the service today at 23:00 PM during ~1hour, and it seemed to work correctly with the same Pioneer device.

I am very careful and I won't say for now that the problem is "solved", because it already happened to work one day and to be broken again the day after. (experienced this just one week ago)

Moreover, in the eventuality that it is really solved, the fact that you haven't changed anything on your side would not help me to be very confident in your service.


It is the second time that this kind of issue happen, for ~2weeks too (it already happened in the middle of august until beginning of september), and I'm starting be really concerned by the robustness of your "Connect" service in the future...


If your technical team finds anything, could you please report what has been really changed or corrected? I'm beginning to be a little suspicious about the magic sentence "it's solved, don't worry! You see, it's working now!"


Thanks a lot for your answers




since the last update of the app I couldn't connect to my Denon X4100 anymore. I can see it as an available device andbe able to select it. It starts to connect but it doesn't finalize. Tried it several times the last 3 days. It's really frustrating. There was no update or change of my Wifi or Denon. The only change was the App update 😞





Today, cant connect anymore. Denon Avr-x1100  from Pc from android from ios. i think Spotify likes deploy new features without testing ))))


Hi there,


@jean3601 : I confirm that my issue is not solved as I supescted in my previous post... 


I have experienced, again, lots of freezes and gaps in the Spotify Connect playing, this evening at around 19:30PM...  Maybe it can be related to the time? Maybe the test I made yesterday was OK because of the low charge level on Spotify servers?


Anyway the problem is still present, and still very annoying. Mainly because of the very long time for which the issue has been present.


Moreover, I think there are 2 different issues:

  • Gaps, freezes and pauses in the playing when using Spotify Connect. Potentially EVERY users are affected at different levels, on ervery hardwares.
    Example of posts: in this thread, every posts from page 9 are users complaining of freezes since mid november (after the first issue resolved in september) Also: Here, or here
  • Unable to connect at all to the device. I think this is a totally different issue, and I have never experienced this one. But  nimbus-v6 and andreysol seem to do, as written above...


Status changed to: Closed

I got reply from support:


Thanks for reaching out to us. We're sorry to hear you've been having trouble connecting your devices with Spotify Connect. No worries, we'll be happy to look into this.

We've checked your account that was created through Facebook and confirmed that it's on Premium. Since this is your current subscription, could we ask you to try logging into our test account with username ******** and password ******** When you do, please reply and let us know either:

  • Your app is continuing to have performance issues.


  • Your app is performing without issue.

This test will help us get to the bottom of what exactly is causing the issue you're experiencing with your account.


My issue remain. Lets see what they will do. As I see with their constant software updates, that Spotify as a product not stable and its still unfinished.


I also got replies from the support, and it was even worse...


They just said me that my hardware is not officially supported (Pioneer N-50A-K): what an incredible answer! Pioneer is an official Spotify partner, and communicates a lot on Spotify Connect; but there is "no support" from Spotify because of whatever obscure list in Spotify's support team which is not up to date between Pioneer and them.


Moreover, I repeated again and again, re-explained again and again, that other people have the same problem, with different hardwares, I have given the links of the forum's threads, and so on...

I just have the feeling that they read 10% of my mails. They even proposed me in an other mail to reset my "Marantz" fimrware, while I had already explained that it was a Pioneer hardware, that I had already tried all that, with all the details which can be found here:


Sorry to say it, but I'm really starting to be exasperated....


Here is what I got )))))


We apologize for the inconvenience. Our technicians and developers are looking into the receiver issues. Let's see what we can do on your case.

We've taken a look into your Facebook-created account  registered to email myemailhere and can see that you're on Premium.

We just need a little more information about what’s happening first. Please let us know:
  • Your platform and operating system (Mac, Windows, iPhone etc.) and version
  • Version of Spotify you're running (from the About Spotify option).
  • Is this happening over WiFi? 3G/4G? Both?
  • A full description of the issue, with as much detail as possible.
  • How long you've had this issue.
  • What actions led to it happening. 
Any screenshots of the issue would also be a great help. Just attach them to your reply.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
They making fun of us, copy paste email templates )))). I already sent them all details I have.
My reply to them:
1. Platform and spotify version installed: Windows 10 Pro (Spotify or Android 5.4.4 (Spotify or iOs 7.0.4 (Spotify
2. I use local wifi
3. Windows 10, Android, iOs see each other but not Denon AVR-X1100 (latest firmware) receiver (check attachement please).
4. Issue started two days ago, before everything was fine. I haven't change anything in network settings.
5. Nothing is just stopped working.
New answer:
Hi there,
Thanks for emailing us. We will be glad to help you.
Can you please try to reboot your Denon device? If this doesn't work, you'll need to try a factory reset.
We hope this issue will be fixed soon. Let us know if you need any further assistance.
Have a nice day,
My reply:
I did a full factory reset on receiver.
Still not in the list.

I'm letting you know that I need your further assistance.
100% They will not do anything ))))))))))))))).