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[Connect] Spotify Connect Issue

Status: Closed


Windows, OS X, Linux, iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


Operating System Version:

Windows 8 Pro,El Capitan, Ubuntu 15.04, iOS 9.0, Android 5.0.1.


Spotify Version:



Hi there,

 I'd like to make aware Spotify support aware that many people are complaining about a Spotify Connect issue with several devices including Denon ones.

 We are paying monthly fees to get access to Spotify connect and our deviceq aren't able to play sustained music using the Spotify Connect feature !!

 Please help us rapidly.

 The spotify community thread is the following : LINK

 Thanks for your support.


To reproduce:






Additional information:








It seems we didn't receive a reply. We're setting this as "Closed" in the meantime.

Feel free to give us a shout if the issue persists 🙂


I can't connect again, my happines was too short.


Hey everyone!


Spotify here. Sorry it's taken a while for a response.


Could you please post the devices you're having trouble using Connect on?


We're currently investigating an issue with this on Denon devices.

A timestamp of when you notice it happening would be really helpful, too.




Hi @Adam_B 


My Denon device causing trouble: DENON HEOS LINK

The problem seems to happen a lot in the evening, approximatively from 6pm to 2am (french local hour => UTC+1)








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What do you mean by "timestamp"? For me it happens randomly, there does not seem to be any specific timestamp at which it happens in a track.

If you mean "time in the day", it seems to happen a lot when I try during the weekend, or during the week in the evening (~6-9 PM), but less when try later (11PM). It is only an impression though, I haven't made real stats about that.


My device:

Pioneer N-50A-K: no problem to connect, but gaps and freezes can be heard randomly when song is started. No problem before November.



Edit: I'm also living in France

Agree, Same applies to me at same time in France with my Denon 730AE using spotify connect. Please note : It woks like a charm though Airplay (ie. Not spotify connect) Cheers Francois



@Guilimote I juste received a answer from the Denon customer service telling me that they will deploy a firmware update at the end of the week.


For the moment I have no more freeze, I tried monday and thursday evening playing music during 1 hour without interruption.

I will continue this test until the end of the week to be sure it's not a coincidence.




Yesterday evening and this morning I re-rtested the connection.


Awful ! 


Freeze, lags when listening to music through Spotify Connect. Impossible to listen to music correctly usign Spotify connect with my Denon 730AE.


Music was OK using my iPhone + my Denon 730AE through Airplay.


SPOTIFY TEAM : Please check your Spotify connect servers in France. Issue is to be fixed there !


I'm paying approx 10euros every months for a service I can't use properly... What a shame. Please solve this rapidly.








The thing I still don't understand, and for which Spotify never answered, is:

Why is there a difference between the "connect" feature and the regular Spotify? Isn't it the same stream? The same servers?


On my side, I retested this morning, and everything was fine. But from what I've seen in the past, it doesn't mean at all that the problem is solved...




i got the same problem here.


Using a Samsung S3 Mini and a Denon AVR X2100 in my homenetwork

The Networkconnection to this Devices works fine, but since 2 weeks i can't connect from the Spotify App to my Denon via Spotify Connect over WLAN or Ethernet.


Firmware and Appversions are up to date.


Please solve this Problem or i will leave Spotify Premium soon.




Hi all,


Last week I tested Spotify connect all evening during approximatively 1h and it was working well, seems like something has been done on their side, but don't know what...


Saturday I also get a new firmware update from Denon on the Heos Link, I will keep you posted if it's not working anymore, but for the moment everything is OK.