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[Connect] Spotify Connect Issue

Status: Closed


Windows, OS X, Linux, iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


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Windows 8 Pro,El Capitan, Ubuntu 15.04, iOS 9.0, Android 5.0.1.


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Hi there,

 I'd like to make aware Spotify support aware that many people are complaining about a Spotify Connect issue with several devices including Denon ones.

 We are paying monthly fees to get access to Spotify connect and our deviceq aren't able to play sustained music using the Spotify Connect feature !!

 Please help us rapidly.

 The spotify community thread is the following : LINK

 Thanks for your support.


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It seems we didn't receive a reply. We're setting this as "Closed" in the meantime.

Feel free to give us a shout if the issue persists 🙂


Sorry this is no help to you but my issue disappeared the very next day after I reported it above and its been fine since. I am using a Pioneer VSX 930 and using connect all the time, in fact most days for a few hours a day and I have no problems anymore.


I hope you get it sorted soon too. Maybe try rebooting your router if you can and see if that helps. Thats about the only thing I tried at my end to sort the problem.




You wrote: "I want to ask the Spotify service guys if the Spotify Connect service buffers music diferently than Spotify on PC's and android devices? I have a feeling that Spotify handles buffering music even with my not ideal Internet connection which loses packets. But, Spotify Connect on networks receivers works as if it played music "live" without any buffering. Am I right? "


Your question about the differences between "Connect" and regular app is interesting. I think that the buffering management depends on the hardware manufacturer, but maybe Spotify requests a minimum amount of memory to be certified.


However, "buffering is not good enough" is not a good excuse when there is no connection problem. What really interests me is if there is any difference in the stream, or in the servers they use for the "Spotify Connect" feature.

I have asked this question several times to Spotify staff (different threads, technical support, ...) but they never answered. Sadly, there might be a good reason for them not to answer...


In fact, I don't think this is due to internet connection for 2 reasons:

  • as you mentionned, there is no problem with the usual PC spotify application, even with the best "premium" quality playback
  • for a lot of other people (including me), we have a PERFECT internet connection (ex: optical fiber, very very high download speeds, etc...), but we also experience problems with Spotify connect, and only with it.

For my personal case, I had stuttering problems during the full month of august, and then during the full month of december.

I don't have any problem for 1 month now, but i'm afraid it will occur again if Spotify does not treat the root cause. (as it did in december after the august problem)

I haven't changed anything in my configuration, no router change, no firmware change, etc... It can only be something on Spotify side.


Hello everyone,


Same thing here in France with good Orange network speed and a Denon AVR, songs are playing and stopping every couple of seconds. The issue seems to appear mostly from 7pm to 2am, and all weekend long. Just like most of you, I tried everything, from router setup to a complete reciever factory reset. Nothing worked.


I have an interesting fact to add though : Playing using Spotify Connect on a Playstation 4 on the same network works perfectly fine.


I only got a Spotify Premium account + Spotify Connect compatible reciever for the convenience it provides, told many people about how good it was (who are now Spotify Premium users), but it's been 2 months that the service is impossible to use and I'm so disappointed. Since the issue "fixed itself" for a week without changing anything on the hardware side, I'm 99% sure the problem comes from Spotify servers and the way they are connected to our recievers, the ISP being a possible obstacle. But even if the ISP is to blame, considering how many people are concerned with this issue (cf. the 100 threads dedicated to it), from a business perspective I strongly advise that you Spotify put all the effort it requires, because at the end of the day you are the one that will lose trust from us, advanced audiophile consumers, and priceless ambassadors of your product.




I'm getting the pausing on my Sony STR-DN1050 receiver while using spotify connect and it is killing me. It's definitely not my internet connection as I never have any problems on my laptop/phone. It'll be fine for a few tracks then it will pause 10 times in one track. Playing over Airplay/Bluetooth is fine.

@Rorey Spotify Version: Device: iPhone 6S+, Windows 10 PC Firmware version: WAM350WWB-3021.2/80R Steps to reproduce: Play any song while connected to WIFI through Spotify connect Solutions tried: I've tried updating everything, restarting everything, unplugging everything, tried different devices, isolating devices, with and without hub etc. I've even switches my wifi to a 5GHZ frequency, thinking it might be interfering with the 2.4GHZ of the speaker(s). What works: DISABLING Wifi on my phone. This sounds insane but it's the ONLY thing that works. I'm guessing somehow my Spotify account connects from my wireless phone service, to the interwebs, into my home internet connection, then to the speakers. HELP!

Hey y'all!


Just investigating this further; are you still having trouble with this?


Let us know if so, we'd love to take a look at this further.

Yes I am



Since the last update from my Denon HEOS LINK it was working fine, but 2 weeks ago I had an update, and since, in the evening I have troubles using spotify connect with it (playback is laggy, controls aren't responding well...)


Using same feature on a basic chromecast key is working well at the same period of the day.


So I can say there's still an issue...


 Hey @Jason!

Unfortunately, yes, I'm still having problems with Spotify connect.

Tested today, and got gaps in the streaming, unable to listen correctly to one full song. No problem with Spotify without "connect" (on a PC for example)


@xelamok: I really think that the firmwares updates are just coincidences: It has now been 6 months for me that the problems appears and disappears without any reasons (for example working 1month, then lot of gaps during 2 weeks), and it has never been related to any firmware update on my side (Pioneer N-50A)


Hi @Guilimote


What I don't understant is why is it working like a charm on a simple Chromecast key (using Spotify Connect).

I never experienced gap during streaming on the Chromecast, maybe it's related to audio quality (the sound from the Chromecast isn't as good as the Denon Heos).


Hey Spotify it's time to wake up and fix this issue !! You have enough complaints to start investigating...