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[Connect] Spotify Connect Issue

Status: Closed


Windows, OS X, Linux, iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


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Windows 8 Pro,El Capitan, Ubuntu 15.04, iOS 9.0, Android 5.0.1.


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Hi there,

 I'd like to make aware Spotify support aware that many people are complaining about a Spotify Connect issue with several devices including Denon ones.

 We are paying monthly fees to get access to Spotify connect and our deviceq aren't able to play sustained music using the Spotify Connect feature !!

 Please help us rapidly.

 The spotify community thread is the following : LINK

 Thanks for your support.


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It seems we didn't receive a reply. We're setting this as "Closed" in the meantime.

Feel free to give us a shout if the issue persists 🙂


This is not a simple "bandwidth" problem, because I have a very good internet connection (200MBits), and, most of all, no problem at all with Spotify when not using the "Connect" service. (spotify on PC or Androïd is perfectly OK).


Maybe Spotify Connect uses specific servers, and maybe the problem is related to these servers. Maybe, also, the problem is due to peering issues between the ISP and these specific servers. But in this case, Spotify has to understand that it is their business! If me, the customer, has a good enough connection, I should not be worried about peering problems on their servers!

So, whatever the reason, just saying "check with your ISP is not a good answer.


Anyway, by curiosity, where are you located? What is your ISP?

I'm in France (Paris), and my ISP is Orange.


Moreover, and most important:

Your answer clearly shows that Spotify's customer serrvice does not know what is happening, and does not want to investigate. Why did they make a totally different answer for me? Saying that there may have been changes in the protocol which need firmware update? If it was true, they should have said the same thing to you.

They ask me to contact Pioneer. They ask you to contact your ISP. They ask somebody else to just reinstall the app.

They don't know what's happening, and don't want to know.


Will spotify refund my 500€ Pioneer receiver now that it has not been working anymore for 3 weeks??


@Guilimote I agree with you about bandwith, I also have optical fiber connection with Orange ISP (Marseille) and no trouble about getting a proper bandwith for any other service.


I reply to them:


For me it's not satisfying at all because I already have opened port TCP/UDP 4070 for all incoming connections on my router, if not Spotify Connect shouldn't work at all ?!
Concerning the ISP I doubt they're responsible for such trouble cause other users have the same problem and different ISPs in different countries...
Is it too hard to admit that maybe the problem is on your side ?
Try to take a moment to look for those posts, you'll see that I'm not the only user experiencing such trouble:
Kind regards...
Spotify customer service is like any other custormer service, trying to send most of pre-formated answers, hopping the user will let it go, tired of such incapacity to solve a precise subject.
I also asked Denon customer service why there was such troubles with Spotify Connect on their product, but they play dead...
Like you I start to regret having spent 390€ into the Denon Heos Link and my Spotify familly subscription.

And you can add one more...


@jean3601 Thank you for, at least, taking the time to answer. But clearly, the issue has to be escalated to a higher level on Spotify's technical services.

When contacting the support, we are clearly not listened correctly. Is there aynthing you can do on your side, to contact them in a more "trusted" and "efficient" way?


List of threads I found talking about these problem:


This one:


Tens of users having the problem in this one, since page 9 for the "November issue":


Multiple users also in this thread, since middle of page 2 for the November issue:


Other threads:


Can you continue to say that the problem is not on Spotify side?


I Have escalated this post to Spotify staff, we should have a answer from them in here soon 🙂


Guys, check your receivers. My, magically appeared on all my devices, and it works as before. I havent change anything. Problem was on Spotify servers side 100%.


But I was surprized how technical support of Spotify and Denon works. Unprofessional totally!!!


@andreysol Good news that you can connect to your Denon, but did you experienced some freeze during playback and are they still present ?


@andreysol : The thing is, I think that your issue is not the same as ours, as I said here. Moreover, at least in my case, the fact that it does work one day does not mean it will work the day after, check here and here ...


@Guilimote I have some news about Spotify support, here is their last message:


Hi There,

Thanks for your reply.

I have checked and currently there is an issue with the Denon Heos Link, our tech folks are currently looking into it. A fix should be on its way as as possible.

If there are any further questions, please let us know!



Let's hope they release a firmware update that fix the issue...


Ok thanks. But no, I hope this doesn't imply a firmware release... I hope the problem will be solved by Spotify itself, without relying on Denon, Pioneer, Marantz and so on. If it needs a firmware release, the fix may take months to come (if it comes) from the manufacturers. And it would also mean that it could happen again, and that the hardware you have bought is not "future proof", because it may be broken at any time by any Spotify update.

I really hope they can fix this on their side.

Hi, I think this also impact Denon 730AE. Spotify connect doesn't work properly. Cf my previous posts. Cheers