Connect only plays 100 song chunks of playlists




Operating System Version:

Win 7


Spotify Version:




When I play music over connect the remote computer only seems to have access to the 100 subsequent songs from the song I start playing from. For example, if have a playlist of songs from 1:200 and start playing song 1, then press the previous song button instead of playing song 200 it plays song 100. Subsequent presses of the previous song button play tracks 99,98,97... etc. The same issue appears to occur if I have shuffle turned on.


To reproduce:

  1. Play music over spotify connect




Additional information:

 Occurs both with computer to computer play as well as phone to computer play.

 Only occurs when the playlist is started on the "remote" device. For example, if I want to control my computer via my phone, the bug does NOT occur if I double click a song on my computer and then control everything from my phone. If, however, I open up my phone and select my computer as a remote device and then begin to play music via the phone, the error occurs.

Hi folks, thanks for your patience while we investigate this issue for you. 


We can assure you the right team are aware of this issue between Shuffle and Connect and they're investigating. We'd like to be transparent with the fact we don't have an exact timeline available for a fix (which is why this has the status Not Right Now), but we'd recommend you keep an eye out for updates to the app. The team are aware of this thread and the number of users that have said they're experiencing the issue.


As soon as we have more info on this we'll post here. Thanks again everyone.

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Casual Listener

I am having this issue when I try to shuffle all my songs i ever saved.  It always plays the same ones >:(  
this happens regardless if I'm using an app or web player, and regardless if I "sign out of all accounts"
I also noticed that Spotify doesn't load all my saved songs when I open it on the webplayer so not sure if that's related.  But even when I scroll down and try to force it to load a lot of songs, it still plays the same ones.  I can't find a straight forward answer to fix this on community.
Also, all my songs keep getting deleted, even after I talk to support.  That's another whole issue on its own, but I'm getting tired of all these spotify problems.  I expect things to work.  I don't care about the cool graphics and videos and having videos playing for the graphic of each song when it comes on.  Also it's distracting as all **bleep** when I'm driving and frankly not safe. Just make things work perfectly!  Stop investing time in things that don't matter,  Spotify!

Casual Listener

Also I would be classified as more than a "causual" listener if it wasn't the same songs that kept shuffling


Today would be a good day for Spotify to fix this issue.


Everyone here needs to share this link on FB or whatever social platform they use so we can get the votes over 1k.  I was told by their CS that they will give a response to anything that gets over 1k votes. 


I have been having this issue for a long while now too. Mainly with large playlists, like my big album collection (see below), it's super frustrating to shuffle through it and get a limited and thus predictable set of albums/songs.


my big collection of albums


To me it seems to shuffle through a limited range of songs. What I mostly hear is:

- a few albums that are close to each other in the playlist (which makes it easy to spot this problem). 2 examples:

-- If I just hit play (while on shuffle). It'll start with the first song (Local Natives) and from then shuffle through the first 91 songs (that's what I get when I keep skipping songs right now). That's only 8 albums in this case.

-- I I play a song lower in the playlist. It will stick to a range of songs around it of about the same amount of songs, 93 in this case.


The interesting part (spoiler alert, it 's not interesting..)

Now for the interesting part: in the 2nd example I kept skipping through the songs and when it (probably) had gone through all those 93 songs, it skipped to a totally random location in the main playlist and started playing a bigger, more random set of songs, going all over the 2400 song playlist.
Mind. Blown.


So I guess a fix for now, is skip through a 100 songs and it'll start playing a truly random set of songs? :D

Update: I just checked if it was playing on Spotify Connect, but it seems it couldn't handle my intense skipping and switched to Google Cast (or at least somehow my amplifier switched to G Cast). So no fix there (in general, for me it is a fix for my amplifier..).



I'm actively using Spotify Connect on the following devices (all regularly updated): 

- Macbook Pro (2018)

- iPhone XS

- iPad Pro (1st gen.)

- NAD C338 Amplifier (with Spotify Connect & Chromecast built-in)




Hey guys! :)


I'm happy to finally bring some good news for a change! :)  At least for Android. A genious by the name Jonatas Trafaniuc has made the app "Shuffly" that can actually generate new random shuffle lists inside your very Spotify library, or just shuffle the track order in the original list. Furthermore, you can choose one or multiple playlists as source, and set a specific number of tracks if you want a limited amount. You can also view the total playing time of the list. And you can reshuffle the list whenever you'd like. We don't even need to activate the shuffle function in Spotify. This way, less tracks will randomly miss airtime.


Using the "Shuffly" app I just recommended, I now generate random shuffle lists of 38 tracks. Because when streaming through my Yamaha MusicCast system, playback will skip back to nr 1 after finishing nr. 38, instead of starting on 39. So there's no point for me exeeding 38 tracks, even when the shuffle function in Spotify is deactivated. The Shuffly app costs between 3 and 4$. A good investment to reduce the hypertention we're being exposed to.


As somebody who listens primarily on WiFi speakers using Spotify Connect it is frustrating when I'm forced to shuffle through the same 30 (technically 100?) or so songs even though I have a playlist of 3000+ songs. I'm no software engineer but I feel as though this feature (Connect) should've never been implemented with this level of flaw being present.


I love Spotify as a platform, but my listening is increasingly being hindered by this issue.