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Connect only plays 100 song chunks of playlists




Operating System Version:

Win 7


Spotify Version:




When I play music over connect the remote computer only seems to have access to the 100 subsequent songs from the song I start playing from. For example, if have a playlist of songs from 1:200 and start playing song 1, then press the previous song button instead of playing song 200 it plays song 100. Subsequent presses of the previous song button play tracks 99,98,97... etc. The same issue appears to occur if I have shuffle turned on.


To reproduce:

  1. Play music over spotify connect




Additional information:

 Occurs both with computer to computer play as well as phone to computer play.

 Only occurs when the playlist is started on the "remote" device. For example, if I want to control my computer via my phone, the bug does NOT occur if I double click a song on my computer and then control everything from my phone. If, however, I open up my phone and select my computer as a remote device and then begin to play music via the phone, the error occurs.

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We're happy to say that this issue is now fixed!

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It's 2020 and this is absolutely still not fixed...


This issue is still not fixed. 


Yeah, it says fixed but it's a lie.


I cancelled my premium account (after 5 yrs) and switched to YouTube Music (included w/ YouTube Premium). It took a while to recreate my shuffle mix playlists, which I'm sure is what they bank on keeping people on their platform, but I'm happy that I have a functioning shuffle now. Overall, very pleased with my change. The playlists, "discover" suggestions, player UI - is all put together well... and I have a functioning shuffle.


This is NOT fixed.


I'm still having the same problem. In addition on my iphone the playlists shuffle when I'm not in shuffle mode. Surely theses problems are not insurmountable for Spotify to fix?/ Buck your ideas up Spotify.



Move to another service, this has been running for years

Oh wow. I was ready to ditch Plex and give Spotify one more chance. How this hasn't been fixed yet? REALLY, SPOTIFY? I'll look elsewere then.


Unfortunately this is still happening that the same few songs repeat in my playlist how can this get resolved?


I'm fairly convinced this isn't fixed either.  The thing is that I play it at work for six hours a day on a device that is used solely for music, so it's always on this playlist, and always on shuffle. When I'm done, I hit pause, next day, I hit play. Without a log of what's been played, I cannot quantify what's going on.

It does seem like it's pulling songs from across the entire 700+ songs that are in the list.  The list contains about 45 hours of music, but as I go through the days, it certainly feels like I'm getting repeats of songs from one day to the next, and so it clearly isn't shuffling the 700 songs then playing them in that order as best as I can tell. Which would ideally be the way I would like to see it go.

If it's just picking a random song, then picking the next random song, then yes, there will be a high probability of me hearing some of the same songs today and then tomorrow. I hope it isn't working this way. But that could explain why some repetition is creeping in and other songs don't get played for some time.


I hope that it's not just taking a certain subset of the songs and shuffling them while leaving out others, but I can't say for sure if that's going on. 


If anybody is brainy enough to come up with a way of keeping a readable log of everything that has been played over a month in the order that it's been played when on shuffle, I'd love to see what it comes up with.