Connect only plays 100 song chunks of playlists




Operating System Version:

Win 7


Spotify Version:




When I play music over connect the remote computer only seems to have access to the 100 subsequent songs from the song I start playing from. For example, if have a playlist of songs from 1:200 and start playing song 1, then press the previous song button instead of playing song 200 it plays song 100. Subsequent presses of the previous song button play tracks 99,98,97... etc. The same issue appears to occur if I have shuffle turned on.


To reproduce:

  1. Play music over spotify connect




Additional information:

 Occurs both with computer to computer play as well as phone to computer play.

 Only occurs when the playlist is started on the "remote" device. For example, if I want to control my computer via my phone, the bug does NOT occur if I double click a song on my computer and then control everything from my phone. If, however, I open up my phone and select my computer as a remote device and then begin to play music via the phone, the error occurs.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this.


We're happy to say that this issue is now fixed!

Let us know if you're still having trouble by creating a new thread in the relevant help board.


Thanks! Stay awesome 😉


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Very disappointing. I switched from iTunes because of the shuffling the same songs over and over. What is really annoying is that Spotify does nothing about it. A mass exodus of premium subscribers and notification to media might get some resolve but I somehow doubt. Reminds me of the standard in my previous occupation: churn and burn.

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Yes, it's sad but nobody in @__spo__ cares about this issue. We are only a
thousnad people complaining and the rest will continue payong.

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Tipped vice news.. Maybe some external press might nudge them towards some action.


Please help spreading this!

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Maybe if we put together a well worded actual letter that people can print and actually send them through actual snailmail. Mahbe then they'll listen when hundreds (maybe thousands) of letters start dropping in. Or at least offer us an explanation/apology.


Hey everyone,


Just wanted to drop a quick update, I ended up switching to Tidal, oh wow I am so freaking grateful to be able to enjoy my songs again. I think we can all agree that there's is something acutely annoying about having to hear you favorite songs over and over again, and honestly questioning your sanity when you're wondering if the repeating is actually happening or if it's all in your head. I used Soundiiz to transfer my playlists, the only downside is no more discover weekly but in all honesty it's worth it so far.

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Been thinking about Tidal myself, whats equivalent of Spotify Connect and/or how do you connect to speakers (excluding BT)?

Yes would like to know more about Tidal as well. Does it do song/artist/playlist stations?

Also thank for the playlist converters for when I drop Spotify.

This issue I believe is spread out among too many threads - it's even hard to come across this thread without carefully crafted search terms. Are we concentrating our efforts in the right location on this thread or is there a better place to bringing this to light?

Since spotify connect sucks anyway, I'm going to try a workaround (can't find the link, will try to dig up) I came across using Chromecast audio. Do not use spotify connect to connect to the chromecast as you'll come across the same issue, but instead use the google home app to choose the chromecast. This way spotify uses the device itself instead of connect and will possibly work without the 100 song limitation. You will be using more of whatever devices battery to have spotify on all the time but I have multiple extra phones & tablets that could possibly be used for this. Also I am using Yamaha Musiccast which can link whichever receiver I want with the one connected to the chromecast. With Musiccast I am always fiddling between two apps anyway using Yamaha to turn on/off receivers anyway etc. - Spotify connect always seemed like a crappy workaround and way of connecting anyway - will let you know how I make out.
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What is Soundiiz?

The only reason I haven't already jumped ship is because I didn't want to have to rebuild my playlists. If you're telling me there's a reliable way to copy them over, I'm gone. 


My last post did not update correctly and I’m not rewriting it again but here is the short version of it.


-not going to use the workaround I mentioned a few posts ago with using google home to cast to chromecast - too much overhead transponding from device and possible (probable) loss in sound quality.


-Still picking up some chromecasts ($20 at best bi right now) to use test Tidal/Deezer/Youtube Music - I’ve signed up trials for each and they seem like good alternatives


-not looking forward to learning new platforms or buying new hardware when all my new Yamaha receivers came with spotify connect


-try this playlist converter - worked great for deezer tunemymusic dot com


-bye for now Spotify.  I’ve linked to this thread in the comments section of why I cancelled.


Another update:  Picked up some chromecasts today.  When using Deezer/Tidal, there was a noticeable sound quality/volume difference from using the apps natively in musiccast then through the chromecasts.  Wasn't having a lot of fun using deezer/tidal either as I'm pretty set in my ways with spotify.  Then decided to connect spotify to chromecast just to see how it sounded.  Well it sounds great enough for me.  I didn't try going this route, as I've read in other posts that chromecast acts just like spotify connect.  Well spotify seems to be acting normal when connected to the chromecast and is shuffling songs and adding new songs to radio stations at the end of the list as it should.  Ahh technology how I love theeee....I'll report back if it causes any problems but for now this is my really happy bandaid fix until they fix connect properly.  Come on Spotify, you can do better this is such a simple fix!!!!!!!


Today would be a good day for Spotify to fix this issue.