Connect only plays 100 song chunks of playlists

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Win 7


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When I play music over connect the remote computer only seems to have access to the 100 subsequent songs from the song I start playing from. For example, if have a playlist of songs from 1:200 and start playing song 1, then press the previous song button instead of playing song 200 it plays song 100. Subsequent presses of the previous song button play tracks 99,98,97... etc. The same issue appears to occur if I have shuffle turned on.


To reproduce:

  1. Play music over spotify connect




Additional information:

 Occurs both with computer to computer play as well as phone to computer play.

 Only occurs when the playlist is started on the "remote" device. For example, if I want to control my computer via my phone, the bug does NOT occur if I double click a song on my computer and then control everything from my phone. If, however, I open up my phone and select my computer as a remote device and then begin to play music via the phone, the error occurs.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this.


We're happy to say that this issue is now fixed!

Let us know if you're still having trouble by creating a new thread in the relevant help board.


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Well here we are almost a year later and I still have to pick a song sufficiently far up in my playlist from my desktop, so that I have enough time to fall asleep before my playlist ends. If I want to pick a song from my phone and hear the rest of the recently added part of my playlist with 1300 songs on my desktop, I have to either queue up all the songs I want to hear one by one or scramble to pick one after every song before the first song in my playlist starts to play. If I have to hear Super Freak one more time after I use Spotify Connect...


I have the same problem when casting from my phone to the speakers.... If I select a song after song no 100 it starts from the beginning. Truly annoying! 


This makes casting to Google cast speakers pretty much useless. There is no way of using Spotify to shuffle my music library to my muli room Google cast speaker setup, all I can do is shuffle some of the songs in my library that begin with the letter A. It makes me wonder why this feature requires a premium account. If this isn't fixed soon I'm going to look into switching to Google music 


I got exactly the same problem.


Hey Spotify,


Some time has passed since you set this issue to 'Not Right Now'. Maybe it's time you fixed it now?

It's really quite annoying not being able to shuffle playlists, especially as it's basic functionality for a music player to have.

I know it only affects Chromecast and Connect, but still.


Thanks, Paul.


Dear Spotify team,


Is there already an update on this?


Kind regards,



This is still going on as I play music to my google home. I wish it would be fixed, because I have one large playlist of approximately 800 songs, which I constantly have on shuffle. I was considering returning my google home, because it is ridiculous that I can't listen to my full playlist. Please correct this issue as soon as possible! It's now been a year since the original issue popped up.  


Same issue. When shuffling songs in my library, spotify will get stuck in a loop for certain letter range. If relevant, I am spotify premium user.




This bug is over a year old.  If our company let such an annoying bug sit for that long we wouldn't have any customers left.  What baffles me is why no one at spotify with power to make this a priority (developers/higher-ups who I assume use their own software) has done so.  Do none of them have playlists greater than 100 songs?  Do none of them use connect?  Do they just not realize they listen to some of the same 100 songs when they hit shuffle day after day?


Also, 100 is a decimal value, which means it's almost positively a hard-coded value.  Obviously, I don't know the code base, but it seems like the correct fix would be to make it dynamic to the playlist size.  As a developer, I recogize that may not be a simple as it sounds, but surely a stop-gap would be to bump that hard-coded value to 10,000 or higher until a proper fix can be implemented.


I'm using my iPhone as a remote for my desktop app when I'm at home, and regularly play a large shuffled playlist. Whenever I switch devices to the iPhone to keep playing there the shuffled queue gets messed up. It seems to just jump between artist from the starting letter(s) closest to the artist that was currently playing. Same thing when I start a shuffled queue on the iPhone and switch to the desktop.

And also, since I use the iPhone as a remote I found that I cannot start a shuffled playback on my desktop from my iPhone. When remote controlling it just shuffles the very first files from the top of the playlist. Completely worthless.


I have to start a queue on the device I want to use for the moment, and then start a new one whenever I switch. This is all due to the vastly inferior way of randomizing the entire queue when it's created instead of an actual shuffle algorithm when skipping songs. That would make transferring a large queue between devices less problematic.