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Spotify can't connect to all my players sonos (play1, play3, playbar), while is able to connect to my PS4 or pc. My account is premium. i've tried from my three android device and  my pc windows.

Hey everyone!


We're glad to hear it's working as usual with the new Spotify version.


If anything else comes up, don't hesitate to open a new thread. We'll gladly help you out.


All the best.

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Casual Listener

Unable to play to Sonos speakers from the Spotify app. This was not a problem until a few days ago.


I have been having this issue as well been pulling my hair out


Myself and my family are suddenly unable to connect to any of our Sonos speakers (we have three) from the Spotify app on Android. We have tried rebooting speakers and phones, and reloading the app as well as checking we have an up to date version. The speakers are showing as available devices, but nothing happens when you select one. The music continues to play on the phone.


I'm having the exact same problem on my Android phone. My wife's IPhone works fine though so it must be to do with the android app. 


I have the same issue. My sonos devices show as available but spotify won't connect to them within the app. 


I can however access my spotify playlists from the horrible sonos app.


I'm running Android (latest update) on Samsung S7 the Spotify app works fine and Sonos speakers can be seen but when switching to them it ignores this command and continues to play on the phone. This used to work so what has changed. (I've deleted and updated everything without success). Does Spotify have an answer?


I've been having the same exact issue for about a week. I can't be certain but I think it was around the time the last Sonos update came out so I'm not sure if it's a Sonos thing or a Spotify thing. Basically for me I can see the speakers from my device list on Spotify, but when I click on my Sonos speakers it does nothing. The option isn't greyed out rather the window just minimizes (on my Galaxy Note 8). Then on the Spotify desktop app it doesn't even show my Sonos speakers at all.


I've reinstalled, deleted the cache on both apps, re-authorized everything in the sonos app and nothing seems to fix it.


Same here. Sonos Connect  (with two speakers via old Denon stereo amplifier and another  - Sonos One in the bedroom ). Controlled from Samsung Galaxy  S5.  I can see all speakers in the Spotify app on my phone but I can't stream my music there (when I select them nothing happens ). I can only do using my Sonos app.

Yes I found that too, so it's surely a Spotify app problem. How do we get
them to address it?

Same here, it stopped working after updating to the last Spotify Android app. Right after I updated also the Sonos to the last version but made no difference. I tried re-authorizing on Sonos app but didn´t help.


I can see my Sonos speaker in the list but when I select it nothing happens.

It works normally from Sonos app.