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Connecting an iPhone to a bluetooth head unit turns off shuffle and turns on loop

Hello everyone,


This issue persists since the last few updates for the Spotify app for iOS. The problem only occurs when an iPhone is connected via Bluetooth to the head unit and the app automatically turns off shuffle and turns on the loop. I tried to reinstall the app, restore software on my iPhone, but nothing helps. It's very frustrating that I have to listen to my music in the same order every time I'm driving and it wasn't fixed since the last update.


We recently discussed about this issue in the following thread, but there was no response, so I made an issue thread here. 


Thread: Car USB changing Shuffle and Loop settings 



Hey everyone, thanks for all the info!


Rest assured that the right folks now about this and should have all the info they need. 


This isn't likely to be fixed in the near future so we've changed the status to 'Not Right Now'






This is a problem stemming from the most recent iOS app update on May 15th, 2017. I am using an iPhone 5s on the most recent iOS 10.3.2


Every time I plug my phone into any car's USB port, with Spotify running, it turns off Shuffle and turns on Loop.


I can then switch it back manually, but when I try to go to the next track with any car's track seeking buttons, Shuffle is turned off and Loop back on.


I can change tracks with the phone screen with no issues.

i had this problem too. Did u solve that?
Nope. At first I was on an old iOS but updating to the newest one didn't fix it.
Did u see anyone with this problem?
Only you

I have the same problem even if I don't charge my iPhone in the car. I turn on Spotify, select a playlist and click shuffle play. Then the shuffle stays on for a current track and then turns off and switches on loop when it ends or if I skip. BTW I'm connected via Bluetooth and if I choose shuffle via my head unit it stays on, but I don't want to do it everytime, loop also stays on. This started happening from the last update on my iPhone 6 Plus. 

- When I connect bluetooth to car, spotify turns on loop, and turns off shuffle.
- Iphone 7
- happened since last spotify update.
- if not fixed in the next 7 days, im cancelling and going to apple music.

I've found the exact same issue with latest iOS update.


Same issue but instead of USB, it's my bluetooth connection to my car audi system. As soon as it connects, the shuffle switches off and moves to loop. This has happened in the last 2 weeks but I can't put my finger on what has changed; IOS update or Spotify update!? Quite frustrating as it is illegal to touch my phone whilst i am driving which essentially makes my subscription useless as i pay 9.99 per month to listen to music in my car for my 3 hour journey every day.


tengo el mismo problema, antes al conectar al auto automaticamente ponia la musica de spotify y todo bien. ahora al conectarlo primero cambia la musica a la que tengo en mi celular y ya que despues selecciono el spotify pone el repeat 1 y si lo quito lo vuelve a poner.

espero pronta actualizacion que resuelva el molesto problema.