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Connecting to Spotify from Roku stick reboot the roku

Status: Fixed

Everything were working fine for months. For the last 2 days, when I try to log in Spotify from my roku stick everything freeze for about a minute, then the roku reboots. I can access Spotify properly from my table and my computer. Netflix, Yahoo and other apps still works fine on Roku. I did not made any modifycations to my systems, it just stopped working.


Thanks for your help


Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!


If you’re still experiencing this issue, could you make sure that you have the latest firmware and OS for your Roku devices?


If, after that, you need further assistance, you should reach out to Roku directly.




I randomly started having the exact same problem yesterday. Obviously a problem with Spotify itself for Roku


I've been having the exact same problem. I open Spotify on my roku and it shows the Spotify logo for a split second before it takes me back to the roku home screen again. If I open Spotify on my phone and use Spotify connect while playing a song, it does the same thing as before on the roku but this time it plays a split second's worth of the song I was listening to. 


I have tried restarting my roku, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and doing the same thing on my phone - nothing works, and yet my other roku apps work fine. This is absolutely an issue on Spotify's end, and I hope they clear this issue up quickly.


Also happening on my roku... 😞


Also happening on my Roku Express.  Freezes then reboots my Roku.  All other devices working fine.  Help!!!


I am also having this issue. I contacted Spotify and they looked into it, they came to the conclusion that it was a problem on Roku's end.  They suggested getting in contact with Roku to get it resolved.  


Sounds like Spotify isn't going to push to get this resolved until they start getting more complaints from their subscribers that there is in fact an issue. I was the first to notify them about the problem.


You can contact Spotify through their live online chat here:


It would be nice to have others report the issue so that this gets resolved quicker. However, if you want to save yourself some time you might just want to contact Roku instead, cause that's likely what they're going to tell you in the end.




I contacted Roku, they are aware of the issue and they are working with Spotify to fix it. There is no estimated time for the fix, but I was told it should update automatically.


That's great.  So do you think it would help if I contact Roku too?  Probably not... Thanks!!


Same problem here; Start app, no logo, Roku reboots. This just started recently.


I've uninstalled, restarted, installed and checked for updates with no change. Multiple reboots needless to say.


Roku 4230X v9.1.0 4919 Spotify v2.7 16


Hi pals.

I have the same problem and I tried this steps without luck:

* Quit and add again the Spotify channel from my Roku.

* Reebot my Roku.

* Register again my Roku device in the Spotify app.


I hope this issue get resolve asap.


I'll remain attentive, greetings.




Same issue on Roku Ultra.

Already reported on Roku without any feedback.