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Connecting to spotify.... in Android Notification






Pixel 2 XL

Operating System

Android Pie


My Question or Issue

 Since the latest update, I get the message in the notification bar "Connecting to spotify" (sorry, living in germany, hopefully I've translated correct) 

This is new for me. The app is closed, so why is such an active reminder there?



Spotify Version:

Hey everyone,


Seems like this is fixed now.


If this still happens to you, please create a thread in the Help Boards.


Thank you, have a nice day!


Moto G5 Plus
Android 8.1.0
Spotify ver
Using a Fitbit Versa
As far as I'm aware it happens on both WiFi and Mobile Data


I attempted to fix this is by completely factory resetting my phone and also by following the instructions above and the problem always reappears as soon as I have both Spotify installed and my Fitbit Versa set up



Premium for Families




Oneplus 3T 

Operating System

Android 9

Spotify Version

Bluetooth Device

Xiaomi MiBand 3 NFC



Since I get spotify premium through my company. I really don't want to permanently uninstall Spotify, especially after investing so much into it for the past several years (that's a lot of playlists and connection and organization that so far as I'm aware, no music app easily exports/imports), and having to actually pay for something else (especially as a student!) if I switch. This problem persists since update in November 2018, and I've tried practically everything, including resetting my devices. 


  • Spotify version you end up with, device and OS.
  • Some details on when this issue happens on your device.
  • Are you using any smartwatches with Spotify?
  • Are you or have you been connected to other devices through Bluetooth? Which ones?

Spotify: (4/9/19)always updated automatically since before problem

BOTH devices:

  • Galaxy S6 edge+ from Sprint (wifi only)
    • Android OS 7, Samsung Experience 7-9, One UI
  • Galaxy S8+ from Tmobile (wifi & mobile data with Binge ON)
    • Android OS 8 and 9 (just updated)

It happens intermittently. Device configurations to try to troubleshoot (none work) include:

  • Factory Reset (both Android versions)
    • Remain at factory settings for Android 8 for 4+ days before reconfiguring to preferences/apps/etc
    • Complete removal of Spotify according to instructions each time before Factory reset
  • Background data + background activity + optimize (auto sleep apps)
    • Disable completely
    • Enable everything completely
    • Various other switches
  • Does not happen when I force stop the app manually until I manually start app again, but does when I auto sleep mode/optimize
    • Sometimes will not force stop, or takes 10+ minutes to force stop
  • 0 Watches have ever been connected to either device at any time since manufacturing
  • 7+ bluetooth headsets (BT 4.0 - 5.0) of various brands and manufacturing years (2015-2019), although issue happens often even
    • When bluetooth is off
    • When no device is paired (factory reset)
  • 3GB of downloads or 0 downloads
  • Streaming is usually Auto, although it's happened during high streaming quality 
  • It happened before & after Google Maps integration

Issue has possibly drained over 500 MaH of background activity on occasions according to Samsung, Android, and other monitoring apps. I have found the extremely annoying web based usage on Android Chrome useful, but still inconvenient with an international app from a giant tech company.


Issue never happened before November update.


Please resolve ASAP, even if new rebuild of the core engine of the app is necessary. It has been nearly 6 months.

  • Plan



  • Spotify version you end up with


  • device

Samsung Galaxy Note 8


  • OS

Android 9


  • Some details on when this issue happens on your device.

All the time: when the app is open. When it's closed, and has been completely shut down. 


It happens when I'm connected to Wifi and when I'm using data.

  • Are you using any smartwatches with Spotify?

I have the Samsung Gear Fit 2, but I don't have the Spotify app in on it.

  • Are you or have you been connected to other devices through Bluetooth? Which ones?

A CANZ Bluetooth Speaker, and a JVC Bluetooth Stereo.


I've never had this issue until the latest update. I hope that you'll fix the issue soon, as it's constantly draining my phone's battery, and there's no way go stop the app from running because the notification appears when the app has been completely shut down. 


Phone: S10+ (Had same problem with Note8)

Spotify Version:


My phone randomly pauses music and youtube videos and the common demoninator from my testing is "Spotify is connecting" background process that pops up as soon as I get in my car and it just stays there forever. 


Key points to consider:

-This endless "spotify is connecting process" only occurs when I connect to my vehicle head unit (Pioner DEH-S4000BT)

-When connected to bluetooth earbuds or speakers, I never get this spotify is connecting notification. Music also never randomly stops.


I've switched to this head unit thinking that that was the problem, spending big money. It's wasn't. I'm so frustrated that I was considering switching to Jay-Z's music app. People are saying it's good these days, but I've spent years building up my Spotify library. We'll see how long this takes to get fixed.


I've already tried the battery optimization stuff. I've tried reinstalling, fiddling with the cache. I hid the notification....And more. Nothing has worked thus far.


I just want to know why it does the Spotify is connecting thing with the head unit and not any other bluetooth devices of various brands. The car is where I use Spotify.


I have an LG G7 Thinq, Spotify version, android 8.0.0

A few weeks ago, I downloaded Android Auto to use Spotify and other apps in my new car. Everything worked great for a couple weeks, then the entire phone was glitchy. Got a replacement phone and Spotify still won't play properly. It will never load, or play the song shown on my car, and when it does finally play, it is either the wrong song or only half of the song. I can't change the song or Playlist, and when I open the app in my phone, it is a black screen. Even if I force stop, the song keeps playing, so I end up restarting the phone. If I can't use it while driving, I'm going to have to cancel the premium I pay for, since that is the entire reason I bought it. 

Status changed to: Fixed

Hey everyone,


Seems like this is fixed now.


If this still happens to you, please create a thread in the Help Boards.


Thank you, have a nice day!


@Daisy, I'm not sure why you say that. I haven't received an update since May 29 and yesterday I was still working with the ongoing notification and no support for my JVC Spotify app. Did I miss an update? Please explain you why you posted that.



Hey, I have the same issue on Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android 9). Please resolve the issue ASAP and DO NOT TRANSFER any data to the server!!! Cheers


I get the same notification "Spotify Connections", with I cannot turn off only when I force to stop the app.

It is draining a lot of battery!! I have the Samsung Galaxy S10 (Android 9) and a Active2 watch. Please fix this!