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Connection Failed - [Vivo]






Vivo V5


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After my spotify automatically updated via wifi, it won't open anymore. After I tap the app, it will just load for a second, then will give me a black screen and a error message saying connection failed. 

I tried to uninstall the app then install it again, it worked. But after some hours, it went back to the black screen and same Connection Failed message again. 


Hi all,


We’re receiving a lot of reports that the app no longer crashes with the ‘Connection Failed’ error message on Vivo devices.


We’re marking this thread as ‘Fixed’ because of this. If you’re still experiencing this, feel free to start another thread in the relevant Help board and one of our Stars or us will be happy to continue helping.




Hi, same issue with mine and I use vivo y53. Please fix. Thanks.


Update : Issue got fixed after uninstalling and re-installing but all my download music is gone. Please fix so that it doesn't happen again in the near future, thanks.


Same problem! What I do is I kept uninstalling and then I can enjoy spotify for hours or a day and then it returns to connection failed. When it is connection failed again, I uninstall,install and then download all the music again. It is really really hassle for me! I hope this gets resolved. 


Same here, it's been a few days now. Screenshot_20180731_065712.jpg



Vivo 7plus

Android 7.1.2


I think VIVO should make software update AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to get this fixed since only Vivo users are experiencing this hassle. Spotify please help us. And update us as soon as possible 😥😥


 It's been 2 weeks now. I recently paid for my monthly premium subscription and i can't use spotify on my Vivo V9 because of this application error. Geez. I am paying for my subscription that i can't use!


Are really trying to fix this issue?  Its been a week now and its still not yet fixed. How long are they going to make us wait?? 


Hey guys! There's a Spotify app update right now so it'd be good to check it out if it has changed anything, if not then let's just keep providing the tech crew with more info to help.


For the people who wanted to send their logcat the community managers have linked this:, if you're adept with Android Studio (which is the application required to do the steps in the link) this is easy to follow, if not and you find it difficult there are numerous ways to send a logcat just by doing a quick google search or youtube search, their are easier ways to send it. Provided that you the steps you'll follow you have to take in mind if you're phone is rooted or not, regardless you will find it. With that said I'll just quote the log I posted here. 


@mimainee wrote:

Hey, I don't have AS installed anymore, and re-installing it takes time, but I still have all of my other adb programs. Eitherway, here's my log, through google drive: spotifylogcat.txt


THANK GOD! I've updated the latest version and it works fine now ❤️ Thanks Spotify!


Updated the app from the play store yesterday and it looks like the problem is gone now, able to use the app normally again. Didn't try to uninstall the app or clear data and all of my downloaded music is still there. Thanks Spotify!