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Vivo V5


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After my spotify automatically updated via wifi, it won't open anymore. After I tap the app, it will just load for a second, then will give me a black screen and a error message saying connection failed. 

I tried to uninstall the app then install it again, it worked. But after some hours, it went back to the black screen and same Connection Failed message again. 


Hi all,


We’re receiving a lot of reports that the app no longer crashes with the ‘Connection Failed’ error message on Vivo devices.


We’re marking this thread as ‘Fixed’ because of this. If you’re still experiencing this, feel free to start another thread in the relevant Help board and one of our Stars or us will be happy to continue helping.




That's great! I'm happy to hear that it works now! I was one of the people that got it working from whatever the SpotifyCares people did server-side but hearing this I guess I don't have to worry of it happening again and for them to do whatever they did again, which is really an inconvinience on both sides. 


I just updated my app now and can confirm that the issue on my Vivo X21 UD is now resolved. Thanks Spotify!


Tried basic troubleshooting on my vivo v5. No luck for me.  I was able to login on my other devices with no problem.  Please resolve this as soon as possible.  


I have the same issue here, vivo 1723, running on vivo fun touch OS 4.0, can someone please help to fix the issue?  Thx


There is a spotify update which I think resolved the issue. Check your playstore. 


same problem for me, ive tried many times to reinstall the app and clear all cache but still doesnt work. really annoying since im still on subscrition. please refound or help me ??

Try reinstalling the app, downloading all your offline songs and then set
it to offline mode once the download is done. The downside is you can't
browse online but you get to use the app.

ok thanks for fast answer but maybe there is a way to fix it correctly or do i have to buy a new phone ?



Nah. This is just a compatibility issue of Vivo with Spotify. There's a new
update already and others have been saying it fixed the problem. I think
the version is x.x.x.555 (can't remember the first 3 numbers) if that
version still makes issues for you just set it to offline mode for now.



Same issue here. Using Vivo V9 and I have got the same error message twice. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, still happening now. Do I have to keep doing uninstall and reinstall??