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Vivo V5


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After my spotify automatically updated via wifi, it won't open anymore. After I tap the app, it will just load for a second, then will give me a black screen and a error message saying connection failed. 

I tried to uninstall the app then install it again, it worked. But after some hours, it went back to the black screen and same Connection Failed message again. 


Hi all,


We’re receiving a lot of reports that the app no longer crashes with the ‘Connection Failed’ error message on Vivo devices.


We’re marking this thread as ‘Fixed’ because of this. If you’re still experiencing this, feel free to start another thread in the relevant Help board and one of our Stars or us will be happy to continue helping.




Exact same problem here. I re installed spotify four times already. Keep losing all ng offline songs and have to download them every single time. Is this a com OK n problem for Vivo users? Im using Vivo V9. Spotify please address this problem ASAP. My premium expires next month and i really wish to continue using this app. But if this keeps up im going back to my old habits for listening to music offline. 

Status changed to: Need more info

Hey folks!

Thanks for letting us know that this seems to be happening since the last Spotify update on Android.

Can you let us know the exact make & model of Vivo you're using, and your Android and Spotify versions?
If you could also let us know the country you're located in, that'd be super helpful.


In the meantime, we'd also recommend giving the below steps a try if you've not already:
-Log in/Log out
-Restart your router and device
-Check if it happens on both WiFi and mobile data
-Try things once more on a different internet connection.

Thanks, and keep us in the loop!

Im currently using Vivo V5 so far I didn't encounter any connection
problems again, I don't know whether it will be happening again in the
future that's my only concern

 Hi same issue. I'm using a Vivo V9 and country is Philippines. Current android and spotify versions. 



I'm experiencing CONNECTION FAILED error in a black screen. Already tried the following but to no avail.

1. Restart router

2. Shutdown and Restart phone 

3. Reinstall Spotify - it worked only for a few hours.

4. Clear aps then reinstal again


My phone is Vivo V5 and I'm using Spotify Premium.


Please reply back.






I have the same issue on my Vivo V9 and this is what I've done so far


-restarting my phone

-re-installing the app works but the issue comes back after a few hours

- cannot login or out. The app is completely unusable once you hit that screen and you can only exit. 

-tried to start the app right next to my router,  still won't do. Mobile data gives same results. 

-the only way to access the app is through re-installing, and then issue repeats


I thought I should add, the widget disappears from the phone and the widget menu. Clearing cache doesn't work. 


I'm using vivo y53 and having the same problem. I've tried everything that is suggested but nothing changes. I've reinstalled for a few times, it worked but the problem repeats for the next hour. Please help. 


i am also having the same issue whether wifi or data. I have reinstalled it several times however im still gettint the same error message

Same model of cellphone vivo v5


Hi, I am experiencing the same issue. Already did everything but still nothing happened. It would be okay for a few hours but once I open the app again, the same black screen with "connection failed" shows. 

My phone is VIVO V5 lite


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