Connection Issues for users with the ISP Windstream

Status: Fixed



I've been trying to get into my Spotify web player on my work PC.  (Work PC - hence the web player and not the desktop app) 

The entire screen shows as white with all of the menu options mashed to the left just under my profile picture.

I have cleared the cache.  I have tried on a few different browsers.  Other co workers do not have the same issue.  Help.


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Hey folks,

Thanks for all the reports.


We can confirm this has now been fixed. 


If anyone's still having trouble, we'd recommend a quick reinstall for the desktop app, or a clearing of browser cache/cookies for the web player. 


Thanks for bearing with us,



same sad story on a Windows phone, Spotify is completely dark!

come on Spotify, please talk to Windstream...


I don't think it's just specific to Windstream. When i travelled abroad it didn't work as well,and i had to use VPN to get the images.


I think Spotify ran an update or modification that made album art not show on certain networks. 


Temporary fix: change settings on your wifi so that the ip is static,and change DNS to Google's. That's and


Still though, there isn't a solution for mobile networks unless its VPN. Spotify are you there??



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I thought I was going completely bonkers reinstalling a few times until I searched around repeatedly and found this thread. Really hoping something will be done soon, kinda sick of not seeing any pictures whatsoever. Seems to be an ISP specific problem, unfortunately. Adding my info to hopefully help out.


Images will not load on PC (Dell XPS 13, Windows 8.1) or my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8+, Android 7.0) when connected to my internet/WiFi (Windstream.) Currently uninstalled for my PC but my phone is running Spotify version " armV7".


Have a good day!


Wind stream customer here unfortunately, and having the same issues. Please fix


I have found out that mi issue is probably with my ISP. Recently I got connected through wi-fi with other ISP and all the images loaded.


I have the latest iOS and Spotify version.


ISP : Tigo UNE

Country : Colombia - South America

Device : iPhone 7 and iPad Air.







(Update: apparently Spotify Community deleted my comment which included the chat log from my session with Windstream. I apologize, I'm guessing the posting of such dialogues violates the TOS. It doesn't matter, I only posted it because it provided a little insight into what the situation was and might be useful to others.)


OK, a few hours after my chat with Windstream I noticed that images were once again loading on iPhone and Kindle Fire Android tablet. Hooray, right? I checked the desktop app on my main computer and my elation dwindled somewhat. No changes whatsoever. So I fired up my old HP Pavillion dv6 laptop and lo and behold images were all there, on the app and across the web. 


I was, however, able to download the install file from the stripped Spotify webpage, as I suspected another aspect of the problem was the fact that the app I have been using was obtained via the Windows Store (others with this problem have reported using the store app as well). I tried the same thing a few days ago with an older application file...I uninstalled Windows Store version and tried my luck with the file from Spotify. But at that time it wouldn't even install for me, I got an error about a missing file. Today it installed with no problem but alas, that didn't resolve the issue. Even got an update from Spotify installed but that didn't change anything either.


To conclude, I am guessing that there must be a setting on this Lenovo Ideapad320 that's blocking access. It's not Windows Defender, as I checked that. I suppose I'll make sure it isn't AVG too but if anyone has any idea what could be blocking it this not-quite-tech-savvy-enough Spotify enthusiast will be eternally grateful.


ok, Spotify is back in color.

so will the Wizard enlighten us what the magic potion was...


Spotify again works for me as well over Windstream without using my VPN on my devices. So it looks like Spotify found some way around the problem or Windstream fixed it on their end (less likely). Interested to know what the issue was myself. It took a while to fix.

Likely it’s a coincidence I spent 2 hours with Windstream support this
afternoon only a few hours before the issue was resolved (albeit not
completely). I was told they’d pushed some new updates through a short
while back and had similar complaints though I assume they weren’t all (if
any) related to Spotify. I was told it would require a collaborative effort
between Windstream and Spotify so I assume that’s what happened. Wish I had
more info.