Connection Issues for users with the ISP Windstream

Status: Fixed



I've been trying to get into my Spotify web player on my work PC.  (Work PC - hence the web player and not the desktop app) 

The entire screen shows as white with all of the menu options mashed to the left just under my profile picture.

I have cleared the cache.  I have tried on a few different browsers.  Other co workers do not have the same issue.  Help.


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Hey folks,

Thanks for all the reports.


We can confirm this has now been fixed. 


If anyone's still having trouble, we'd recommend a quick reinstall for the desktop app, or a clearing of browser cache/cookies for the web player. 


Thanks for bearing with us,



thanks for the update.

of course, Spotify is silent sulking in the corner, shy and embarassed...

in the meantime, paying customers like us just wasted 2-3 weeks of aggravation and frustration, that's all!


Okay, I'm up to speed inasmuch as images are now loading across all my devices and both of my PCs. Still can't get into the Spotify website on PC and that includes MY ACCOUNT but it's all coming in waves so I don't doubt it will be good to go by this time tomorrow. I'm also not getting embeds in and Forgotify but looking good at the Spotify New Release Sorting Hat and that's the main one I missed. Again, likely to be worked out soon enough and as long as I've got images loading I'm fine for now. Thank you to Spotify tech crew. Goodnight all.


I gave up trying different stuff but I've been checking everyday and it hasn't been working until today I checked it just for the heck of it and it works completely fine now, finally! 


Not working for me yet :s


Spotify working for me in Houston with Windows 10 desktop and Windstream ISP.


Everyone in the office reporting that Spotify loading album art as well as web page loading correctly.


Would love to know what happened.


Glad it's over though!

No yet with ISP UNE Tigo - Colombia, images do not load 😞

All pages within the Spotify domain are back up so everything's back to normal here. Like someone said, you really don't know how integral those images are to the Spotify experience until you're forced to go without them for almost a month. 


For those of you that were having an issue with this App on your XBOX One, give it another shot. Mine just started working again today! -Overjoyed!!!


Oh YES! Everything is working fine now!!  Had to restart the Amazon FireStick but everything else just looks great!! [Edit: Other devices are iPhone, iPad, Windows 10, Onkyo receiver...]

So it seems it WAS Windstream <sigh> because none of my apps have updated. Kudos to whoever broke through to them to get them to fix it (I guess, lol). 

Had to rock out in celebration!