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Connection Issues for users with the ISP Windstream



I've been trying to get into my Spotify web player on my work PC.  (Work PC - hence the web player and not the desktop app) 

The entire screen shows as white with all of the menu options mashed to the left just under my profile picture.

I have cleared the cache.  I have tried on a few different browsers.  Other co workers do not have the same issue.  Help.


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Hey folks,

Thanks for all the reports.


We can confirm this has now been fixed. 


If anyone's still having trouble, we'd recommend a quick reinstall for the desktop app, or a clearing of browser cache/cookies for the web player. 


Thanks for bearing with us,



I've experienced the same issues for several days now. I contacted Spotify Cares on twitter and they eventually sent it to their tech team but I haven't received any updates from them or even a guess at what could possibly cause it. Have you tried to access the Spotify main website or any pages within that domain? If so, are they loading for you? On mobile devices  they simply won't load for me. On my PC I get a stripped version, the upper screen looks like this: 1disposable.JPGAll of the links on the page, including the Help page and the Download page are within the domain and therefore appear very similar to this. This issue is spread across 2 PCs, 3 iPhones (including one with a different Spotify account) and a Kindle Fire HDX Android tablet, the Spotify Web Player included as well as at least 4 websites and blogs that use Spotify iFrame embeds (including and the Spotify New Release Sorting Hat). Spotify is the only website I'm having the issue with. I'm sorry you're experiencing this inconvenience but frankly I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with the issue. I probably should have come to the community sooner but had hoped Spotify Cares could take care of it sooner. I've always had great support service via the Spotify Help page but, as I mentioned, it is one of the domain pages that are screwed up. Hopefully you'll continue to post any progress that's made in your case, as I will with mine.


I appear to be having the exact same issues with the Spotify main website Jack, as for my mobile devices it won’t even load and as for the desktop version I am getting a stripped down version. I’m very happy this issue is not me alone as the only other posts about this problem I could find are dated back in 2013 and were solved with an update to the application. I am at a loss for any current change in pace for progression residing the issue at hand but I will keep you updated if the website is up and running again for me or the latter of finding a fix for the missing images.


Hey @methodair06 and @greenteamachine


It really seems like a connection issue. One more thing that might help here is restarting your computer.

Does it look the same in incognito mode?


Restarting the router might help too, but in work environment it's sadly out of question. :') If you're at home and having this issue, then definitely try that too!


Trying a different network is a good suggestion as well. Sometimes network restrictions are applied which lead to Spotify not working well.


Keep me posted! 🙂


Experiencing the same issue as well.


One of the IT people are saying that it's probably an outdated Flash player.  Putting in for an update.  I'll keep you updated.


I have this exact same problem also for about the last few days. Please keep us updated!


Just a week ago my Spotify client has stopped displaying all album artwork and images. I can still play music so I know there is no issues with my network connection, proxy, etc. When I switch to my phone wireless hotspot all images load fine. How come on my routers wireless network images are not loading? Placeholder images do display, they are just gray boxes with music notes. I have also tried reinstalling the client. Like I said, when I switch to my wireless hotspot images load as normal. Images also load on other networks just not my home one. Music does play fine on my home network.


Hey, @MicoWazzle and @craigdry -


Sorry for the late reply; Have you tried out deleting your cookies? Some faulty cookies save corrupted data.


You can also try out connecting to a different network/proxy or disabling softwares such as AdBlock - It is possible that your network prevents Spotify from loading certain resources.


Tell me how it goes 🙂



Same issue is happening with me. My way around it was to use VPN; that made it work. However, it shouldn't be the case and it's inconvenient.


The album covers aren't showing on my android phone, work PC or home PC. However, they show up when I cast onto chromecast. 




I've updated the flash player, restarted my computer, tried deleting cookies, resetting my settings in chrome, firefox and even internet explorer... it doesn't work on this computer or even on my personal laptop...


Ugh, I hate Pandora and really don't want to have to resort to it...