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Connection issues with car stereo receivers

Hi everyone,


We've received reports about car receivers (mainly Pioneer) having connectivity issues. Bluetooth connection usually works fine, but when trying to use Connect it fails. 

The team in charge is already looking into this, so we've merged a few threads here to keep you all in the loop.

Hello everyone,


Thank you for your reports so far.


We can confirm that support for Pioneer and JVC-Kenwood car audio head units has been deprecated. This means it will no longer be possible to launch the built-in Spotify app from the interface, but you should still be able to play audio from your mobile devices via Bluetooth or through a USB cable.


Thanks for understanding.


This is crazy und unbelievable. Just stop supporting devices like that. 


Can those of you with twitter spam their pages. Seems the only way to get a response is social media attention.


Just gets better - it appears Kenwood don't care either:




I presume this is going to cause massive headaches for manufacturers like Kenwood?  Is anyone there going to confront Spotify on this?
Everywhere is still advertising and selling units with "Spotify Control" - and suckers like me are buying them completely unaware that the headunits do not have the functionality they are being sold as having.
Spotify clearly won't listen to their consumers, but maybe if another big corporation confronted them on what they have done (effectively landing Kenwood/Pioneer/JVC in a sticky situation where they and a whole retail segment are now falsely advertising and selling goods), then they might correct the situation?
As it stands, I will now have to speak to the shop I bought my headunit from with regards to exchanging it for something else - and I would assume they in turn would be seeking compensation from their Kenwood supplier for what are now effectively defective units?
Kind regards
Our radios still play Spotify through Bluetooth Audio i us it everyday . 
It’s not that it doesn’t play you just no longer have a landing page that it works on . 
It’s now no different than Tidal or any other music app that is used .
Play through Bluetooth Audio the info all shows up as well . 
Correct, but the point is that it's advertised specifically because it is supposed to have that feature. 
I mean, if you bought a convertible car and then the minute you drove it off the forecourt the roof didn't fold, but the dealer said "well, you can still open all the windows so air gets in that way", you'd not really accept that as an answer, right? 
Also, had Spotify also not completely removed the "car mode" it used to have, then streaming and more importantly, safely operating Spotify in this manner wouldn't be an issue. 
The benefit of spotify connect, as advertised, is that you don't need to touch your phone to browse playlists, songs, etc, therefore is completely legal to use. 
Poking your phone whilst driving in pretty much any country, as far as I'm aware, is illegal and will see you fined. 

@Russbmw yep, all feels like a lost cause. They got their money they dont care. Spotify wont get a big enough if any loss for them to notice.


Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Twitter I go.....




@Mick46  I does feel that way, but to be honest, I can spare a few minutes out of each day to keep banging the false advertising drum on email, here and various other social media platforms, until someone at least acknowledges they're doing something immoral and most likely illegal.




@Russbmw i'm sure its not a big thing for them to fix, just someone getting paid too much threw it in the CBF basket.


So, incase it helps (pretty sure it's the same in the UK, so likley the same as other countries) , Australian consumer law states:



Major problems

The product does not do a specific job or achieve a specific purpose agreed at the time of buying, and the problem cannot be fixed easily and within a reasonable time.


A consumer can generally ask for a refund or replacement when a product does not do a specific job or achieve a specific purpose, if:

  • they relied on the store’s knowledge, expertise or advice when choosing the product. This advice may have been provided in person, over the phone, or via an email or message.
  • before buying, either
    •  they expressly or implicitly informed the store or salesperson what they wanted the product to be able to do, either in person, over the phone, or via an email or message
    • the store or salesperson said the product could achieve that purpose



Can someone from Spotify justify why this functionality has been removed?  The Bluetooth playback does not provide the same control to switch between playlists from the radio or provide the same track information. 

These Radios are still being sold advertised with this function, that was the key feature I purchased mine for, two in fact one for each car. just do the right thing and get it working again 😞


 Here is an idea for Spotify everyone in this thread that has purchased a radio for using the App give them a 'Car Thing' free of charge as it seems you are holding everyone to ransom to purchase one by stopping the app working.