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Connection issues with car stereo receivers

Hi everyone,


We've received reports about car receivers (mainly Pioneer) having connectivity issues. Bluetooth connection usually works fine, but when trying to use Connect it fails. 

The team in charge is already looking into this, so we've merged a few threads here to keep you all in the loop.

Hello everyone,


Thank you for your reports so far.


We can confirm that support for Pioneer and JVC-Kenwood car audio head units has been deprecated. This means it will no longer be possible to launch the built-in Spotify app from the interface, but you should still be able to play audio from your mobile devices via Bluetooth or through a USB cable.


Thanks for understanding.


@Fixedwheelnut he11 will freeze over before this is even considered to be reinstated mate.  Just pull your pants down and take the shafting.


I had no idea what the "car thing" was. Makes sense now, they're ditching this to force people to buy a convenience they already had.


Not even sure such a device will be legal here in aus. I assume probably not.


@Mick46 To be honest, I would have got one - I love all this kind of thing.


Dumb thing is (ignoring the now blatently obvious fact that disabling phones from doing what this new doo-hickey does instead is an underhanded move), you can't buy them anywhere than the US anyway.


Furthermore, you can't even buy them in the US because whoever have been engaged to produce them, can't produce the numbers required!  LOL!  What  sh*tshow!


Honestly though, after seeing how this whole thing has been sneaked in, would anyone really trust Spotify to offer long term support for a product like this?


Do I consider it a possibility that 12 months down the line when sales flop as a result of a slow uptake,  resulting from poor production planning and a tediously slow roll out to a worldwide market, that Spotify then don't make any public announcement about it and stealth update the phone app so it doesn't talk to the Car Thing anymore making it useless - absolutely.


The substantiation for this thought is abundant in this forum thread.


@Russbmw yeah my wife basically told me to stop trying and just buy a headunit that will work. Issue i have with that is theres nothing wrong with my headunit, and i cant even gaurentee they'll continue support for whatever it is that i buy.


I have a long drive to and from work. Being able to change albums/podcasts is kind of a convenience i want to keep.


@Mick46 Yeah, mine is less than 3 weeks old. Pretty sure the shop I bought it from won't entertain a refund or exchange.


Has anyone tried it with an Iphone yet?


Is it just Android?


@NoSurrenderI have one, and will try later this evening and report back.  One of the articles online (posted earlier today) suggests that Spotify connect doesn't work anymore, period.


Which would make more sense given the "car thing" situation, if they're going to force their new product/solution to a problem that didn't exist, upon people they'll force it on everyone, not just android users.


With my kenwood kmm 205bt, no it doesn't work with an iPhone XS either - although I don't think it is supposed to anyway, to be fair. Think this particular head unit was an android only thing.....although did discover the music on the iPhone music library (not Spotify) actually works and I can browse playlist etc.... exactly like I am supposed to be able to do on Spotify... 😂