Constant Waze Banner

We've had some users reporting getting constant Waze banners upon
launching the app, after logging out/in, when getting into the car and
connecting to Bluetooth. 




Hi all,


Due to inaction on this thread in a number of weeks, and because we’ve had word that this has stopped happening for users, we’re closing the thread as Fixed.


Ensure that you have each latest version of the app, then go to Settings > Social > Wazenavigation > Toggle to Off. This should make sure it doesn’t happen for you.


If it still occurs, remember that you can report this again in a new thread with the following info:


  • Username
  • Affected Device
  • Exact version of the app




How do I get it going?  I enabled that settings in the Spotify app, but still see no Waze UI on the spotify app while driving.  What should I be seeing?  Or is it being enabled by regions and mine isn't on yet?

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I am wondering the same thing. Only I have no seen where to enable Waze int he spotify app. Where did you find that? I did enable Spotify in the Waze app. I am not seeing it show up in either app though.


In the Spotify settings, right under " Scrobbling", there is a toggle for "Waze Navigation".  I turned it on with no effect.  And in Waze, I see nothing about Spotify.

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So I just got it to work... I went down and was finally able to find the Waze setting in Spotify under Last.FM, I uncheked the box, then rechecked it, and it pushed me through the steps to integrate. 🙂 Side note, I had both apps running when I did this! It works finally!!


Yep, toggling the settings off in Spotify and back on triggered something.  Problem is, I don't see any "Spotify" setting in Waze.  And I have Waze (the latest).  Looks like something they're only enabling by region?

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Same version I have. I see Spotify between Spread the word and about under settings in Waze.

Same for me, have you found the solution?

I opened a support ticket with Waze on this.  Their reply was that this was being enabled gradually by regions and I haven't been included yet.  That was a week ago.  I just checked now and it is still not available in Waze.

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The Waze-Banner drives me crazy. Please stop it. I don't want Waze !!!


Title says it.  I am constantly asked if I want to log into/use Waze, every time I start Spotify away from home.  I don't have Waze installed, have no intention of installing it but even though I select "turn off" option I am being constantly badgered to log into Waze.  This kind of aggressive marketing, to wear someone down into downloading a product to stop the endless notifications, is pretty transparent.  I would appreciate any reccomendations for a permanent solution to stop this from happening.  Having to close TWO popups before I can use Spotify (and I am a Premium subscriber) is beyond annoying.

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