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Constant Waze Pop-up

Plan - Premium

Country - US

Device - Google Pixel 2

Operating System - Android 9

Spotify version -


I just installed a clean version of Spotify because my downloaded songs were no longer available offline. Now everytime I open Spotify in my car it tries to connect to Waze via a banner at the top. To be clear, I do not even have the Waze app installed on my phone. Furthermore, I have unchecked the box allowing Waze integration in my Spotify settings. The pop-up returns anytime I navigate to a new playlist or home screens despite the Waze integration box not being checked and Waze not being installed on my phone and me going through the prompts to turn Waze off. This seems like a glitch.


Hey folks,


We're happy to say that this should now be fixed for you!


Please make sure you've updated your app, and perform a clean reinstall if necessary.


Thanks for your patience on this! Stay awesome 🙂


Same. Pixel 2, and I also don't have Waze installed nor do I have it checked in my settings. Bug for sure. No matter how often I clear this it reappears anytime I interact with the App.


I have the same problem (HTC U11, Android 8.0, Germany). I also don't have Waze installed.  The Waze integration in the "Social" settings of Spotify is switched off, but that doesn't help.



I have the same issue on a Pixel3 XL, waze is not installed and I'm constantly having to decline the banner and turn it off.... Even though I've never had it turned on in the first place..... Really annoying


This is happening on my phone also. Integration is disabled in the settings, but the banner (and the popup in the new car mode) comes back each time I open spotify in the car. It also happens when the display was off, or Spotify was running in the background. I do not have Waze and do not want it.


Plan - Premium

Country - DE

Device - Samsung Galaxy S6 (might be swisscom-branded)

Operating System - Android 7.0

Spotify version -


Yup, same for me. Now the banner reappears every time I connect to the car Bluetooth and my music doesn't transmit to the speakers, even though other apps can play audio content on the speakers just fine. I've never had Waze installed on my phone or enabled this setting, but now if I try to close the "enable waze" pop up it opens a bigger, full screen pop up that asks me if I'm sure I want to disable Waze integration. 

It definitely just started happening in the past 5 days, so I suspect the most recent update is to blame. 

Pixel 1 

Version 8.4.89. 515


Same issue here with:


Plan: Premium

Country - Portugal

Device - Samsung Galaxy S9+

Operating System - Android 9

Spotify version -



Pixel 2

Spotify version


Same issue here with:


Plan: Premium

Country - Brazil

Device - Motorola Moto Z2 Play

Operating System - Android 8

Spotify version -


Same issue here:


Plan - Premium Family 

Country - PL 

Device - OnePlus A3003 

Operating System - Android 8

Spotify version -


Me Too!


Plan - Premium Family 

Country - US 

Device - Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950U

Operating System - Android 8

Spotify version -