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Constant Waze Pop-up

Plan - Premium

Country - US

Device - Google Pixel 2

Operating System - Android 9

Spotify version -


I just installed a clean version of Spotify because my downloaded songs were no longer available offline. Now everytime I open Spotify in my car it tries to connect to Waze via a banner at the top. To be clear, I do not even have the Waze app installed on my phone. Furthermore, I have unchecked the box allowing Waze integration in my Spotify settings. The pop-up returns anytime I navigate to a new playlist or home screens despite the Waze integration box not being checked and Waze not being installed on my phone and me going through the prompts to turn Waze off. This seems like a glitch.


Hey folks,


We're happy to say that this should now be fixed for you!


Please make sure you've updated your app, and perform a clean reinstall if necessary.


Thanks for your patience on this! Stay awesome 🙂


This is one pain in the...


Can you just - please - remove this integration. It takes 2 clicks EVERY TIME away from home to able to play music. BECAUSE of an app I do not use nor have! This is such a annoyance! I pay premium for constant waze AD?


Spotify Premium


OnePlus 6 (latest OS)



Fixed after reinstall

Me Too!
Moto G6


it happens again...