Context menu is inconsistent with macOS

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In any other macOS application, you can use the context menu like this:

1. Hold down the right mouse button. Context menu appears.

2. While still holding the right mouse button, move to the desired item.

3. Release the mouse button to select the item.


Spotify fails at #3. It does not select the item, and another click is required.



Thanks for bearing with us!


The right folks are still looking into this, but we don't have an exact time frame for when this'll be fixed. 


In the meantime, we recommend keeping your app updated to the latest version.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @Slice!


Thanks for coming to the Community for help.


Can you let us know the operating system and Spotify version you're running? Also, can you send us some screenshots of the steps you're following?


We'll see what we can suggest.



All versions of Spotify on all versions of macOS or OS X. This bug has existed for years.


If a developer would read this, they would instantly understand what I mean. However, I will attempt to describe it in greater detail:

The problem is that the context menu (i.e. right-click menu) behaves in a way that is not consistent with the rest of the Mac operative system.

How to re-produce on a Mac:

1. Move the cursor to a song

2. Press down the right mouse button. Keep holding it down. A context menu will now appear (this means a right-click menu).

3. While still holding the mouse button down, move it to an item in the context menu. Keep holding the mouse button down.

4. Release the mouse button. The item your cursor (mouse pointer) is in front of should now get selected, but it does not get selected, and another click is required.





Hey @Slice!


Thanks for the explanation.


We're having a hard time reproducing this issue at the moment.

If you could send us a video of this process on another OS X app, and on Spotify so that we can see the difference, that would be great.


We'd be happy to pass this onto our devs.


Keep us posted!


Thanks, and take care 🙂




I guarantee you that any developer will understand exactly what I mean if they read this. Although if you require a video I can make one.


Don't worry @Slice!


We'll get this reported to our Devs team. To go ahead, can you send us the video we requested on the previous post?


Hope to hear from you soon.



Hey @Slice,


We haven't heard from you in a while. Are you still experiencing the same issue?


If you are, could you send us the info @EstefanyA_Bog requested? We'll make sure this info gets passed on to the right team.


Keep us posted.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @Slice,


It seems we didn't receive a reply. We're setting this as "Closed" in the meantime. 

Feel free to give us a shout if the issue persists.

As I said before, a developer will understand this problem after reading the first post. I don't understand why you keep requesting a video. I am trying to report a bug to your developers, not to the community moderators.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @Slice, thanks for the report! We've passed this over to our tech folks. They'll be taking a look.


In the meantime, give us a shout if there’s anything else we can help with.




Hey @Slice!


Just wished to give you an update. Our tech folks are currently looking into this backstage. We haven't any more info just yet but hope to have some news to share soon.


In the meantime, we'd suggesting making sure you're rocking both the latest versions of OSX and Spotify.


Thanks for bearing with us.