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Crash or stop playing when sharing track

I'm on Spotify version armV7 on a Pixel 2016 running Android 8.0.0 (security patch 5 October 2017). I'm not having the issue on my Nexus 7 tablet on the same version. So it seems device specific.

Here's a video Spotify share fail

Whichever way I try to share a track, when I click Share on the menu my song will stop playing, I will return to the playlist, artist page or close the app, stop playing and will be unable to share. This has been happening since 8 October (ish).

I've tried the troubleshooting steps but to no avail. It doesn't seem to matter what the track is or how I'm viewing it. 

Any help as to a fix or a nod that dev knows about this and might be able to fix would be great.



Hey folks!


Thanks for confirming things are working here now 🙂

That's great to hear.


As we've had no new reports in this thread since, we'll close this one up.


If the issue returns however, just give us a shout and we'll get back to you.


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Getting the same error. 

Nexus 6p 

Android 8 october security uppdate

Spotify 84.22.857





 Same issue here, with same Spotify version, on Google Pixel post-Android 8 October security update. 


Similar issue when trying to share playlist or album.  Google Pixel XL Android v8 with security patch update on October 5 and Spotify


Happening on my Pixel XL too. Same setup as above user. 



1. Installed G-PLaylist widget on Vivoactive HR
2. Installed G-Playlist on Pixel XL Android 8.0 Security Patch 10.05.2017
3. Uninstalled and re-installed latest version of Spotify v8.4.22.87 armV7
4. Select Share playlist (or album) in Spotify 
5. Spotify closes when trying to sync with G-Playlist 
6 Help!

I too am having the same problem on the same phone/patch with the same Spotify version.


I am having the same issue on my Pixel. It's frustrating. I can share using any other app but not with Spotify. It must be a Spotify issue. 


It must be related to a app update before the security patch from October. I'm having this issue on my Nexus 6p for 2 weeks now .


 Having the same issue on Pixel