Created a username but got numbers and letters

Status: Fixed

So I created a Spotify account for my little brother and it asked for a username. I created one for him but instead of it appeared a combination of numbers and letters. Is there any way to change this?

Hey there folks,


Thanks for all your reports and patience while we were looking into this with our tech teams.


If your display name isn't showing up in the app you can now add a new display name to your account following the steps here. We're therefore marking this as 'Fixed'. 


If you're experiencing difficulties editing your display name, make sure to create a new thread in the relevant help board here - we'll be happy to jump in and help you out with that there.




welp i guess you guys can refer to me as z5xo0kjcrfjvowci3rs5ila5r now

I experienced the same thing when I created my account.And I don't have a facebook really bothers me.

os: Android 9

phone:MI 8 pro

spotify version:

My current username: pyjzf0sqfmxuq717ujznldpz7

My desired username: Harry_Cheng


@Spotify Team, what is the status of this issue?

  1. I also did not create with Facebook yet I have a random alphanumeric username. I do however want to connect to facebook, so: there was an old Spotify account I had previously connected with facebook (but not through, I connected after Spotify account creation). So I removed access to the old account on facebook. Then went to the Spotify app to my settings so I could reestablish "connect to Facebook" the Spotify app gives me the option to connect with my Facebook account but then shows a notification that "this Facebook account is already tied to another account". To make things more confusing, I get a push notification from Facebook saying "I have successfully logged into spotify". Yet my Spotify username/profile picture/display name still is yet to refelct my Facebook profile. What gives?? 
  2. Phone: Samsung Galaxy S9
  3. Most recent app update
  4. Most recent Android version

I have just attempted to create an account for my mom several times (3 or 4 times), and behavior was consistent accross multiple devices and even on Web Page: Spotify Accout creation disregards whatever information is provided as Display Name and assigns Random Number and Letters.


Based on the above, this is not Device specific as it happens on the Web Page.


I too have this issue

Samsung S7



Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey folks,

Thanks for continuing to provide the info we've requested.

The team in charge of this are still looking into the underlying issue.

In the meantime, do make sure to pass on the following info if you haven’t already:

  • your device + OS version
  • the display name you want

We can then pass it on to the right team, who will attempt to apply the necessary changes to your accounts.

Bear in mind that we cannot guarantee that the above manual process will work, so we would also like to suggest the following alternatives:

  1. You can link your account to your Facebook profile by following the steps here. Your Facebook profile name will now be displayed on your Spotify profile.
  2. You can create a new account, making sure to do so on another device, preferably on desktop, and then transfer all your saved music and playlists over onto the new account by following these steps.

Thanks! Keep us posted 🙂


I am puzzled by the strange manual workarounds that are suggested here.


Spotify team, why don't you simply let everybody know how to edit the "custom display name" according to your support page here:


"You can create a custom display name that replaces the username where it shows on your profile, app, playlists, and Friend Activity"


Here is a highlighted version of that page in case finding the passage cited above should be too difficult:


Now only let us know:


WHERE DO WE DO THAT, i.e. where do we create that "custom display name" mentioned on your own above support page?



The custom display name is the third field (I think)  when you create a new account. Unfortunately the process is ignoring this field.


This happened today with making my little sister's account. Chose a name and now it just has a random string of letters and numbers instead. Also cannot link it to a Facebook or use a different device because we all have the same phone, and no computer. This is a basic function. How on earth did you guys manage to break it? Sometimes I swear you guy's have hamsters programming this stuff.