Crossfade doesn't work when other device selected for playback

As stated when choosing to play on another device (i.e.. Yamaha Amp) crossfade doesn't work. Set it to Listen on this device (i.e..Phone,tablet) it works fine.

Hi @mapleleafs0101


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We're afraid Crossfade doesn't work while using Spotify Connect or a different device, but we'll let our folks know it's something you'd like to see. 


Give us a shout whenever you need help, we're here for you.


Crossfade  is a must please.

Deezer has it BTW


I too am very annoyed that no crossfade, it’s nice to have continuous music playing with no gaps.

COME ON SPOTIFY YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE No 1 in the world. Get your act together.


Absolutely. I’m still waiting since forever. It would be fantastic if one day this actually happened with out the yawning gaps in between each song.  

You are correct, I think the cross fade is a excellent feature. Let’s hope Spotify listen to the people and add it, I really hope so. Regards John Q

Would love to be able to play my Spotify playlists for parties, but we’re not able to cross fade when streaming to our good speakers. Can this be resolved?