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Crossfade option isn't working on the desktop app.

We've received reports that the Crossfade feature isn't working correctly on the desktop app. No matter how many seconds are being added, it won't work and after returning to the settings page, it's set to a random amount of seconds.

Hey everyone,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to inform you that this should now be fixed! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you still don't see the change, try the following:

  1. Open Spotify, turn the Crossfade off and then restart Spotify.
  2. Turn the Crossfader back on and change the value.

If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




Crossfade seem to only work on spotify's own playlists, the ones they make to promote artists etc, but it is not working on any of my private ones or if I play straight from artist page.


Hi sorry for the delay,Im now on

The only time my crossfader dosent seem to work is when its connected to my i dot but otherwise its all good even on my own playlists.



I don't have any device connected or use Bluetooth, and I still have this issue.

It looks like the problem is with some playlists.


This is still a problem and I just a clean re-install on my device. I have a windows desktop. Version- Spotify for Windows


Hello my crossfade toggle doesn't show.

I reinstalled the app and still doesn't work

Iphone IOS 16.1

Me sale desconectado en la barrita para darle los segundos que quieres que seezcle las canciones