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Ctrl + F feature no longer working when browsing music

Status: Not An Issue

You cant search in the playlist with ctrl f or cmd f. Should be fix ASAP

The Ctrl + F feature will return to the Desktop app in a later update. Keep an eye on this thread for updates:


I used this feature all the time, bring it back please!


This will be coming back in a future update.


I never use Spotify without using this feature. I hope it comes back soon, else i'm just going to switch to musicBee.


Yeah, this is some serious bollocks for people like me who have playlists with thousands of songs on them.


Please bring it back, and report when it is, while I hate to do such thing, I'm going back to an old version now.


The same goes for the function "Use as current playlist, on a folder, or on a playlist".


Badly needed! 😄


Unbelieveable that they would release an official version with this important feature missing...


Agreed, this feature is essential. If the whole point of spotify is convenience then why take away just that. 


Seriously Spotify admins... Why the hell do you remove this feature? I've payed for Spotify continuously for around/more than three years now.
Two reasons why I MAY quit using Spotify:
1. Ctrl + f doesn't work!
2. Limited to 3333 songs offline!? I PAY just to use songs offline - and in my case, I have over 4000 songs in total on my account!
Best regards: Angry member


I've never personally used ctrl+f  to search for songs but they have also removed the ability to search for songs directly by typing. If the songs were sorted by artist, song, album, all you had to do was type the name of the criteria you were looking for and it would jump right to it, no search box, no ctrl+f just type. The only option available for searching playlists now is scrolling through the seemingly endless list of songs when it used to be instantaneous. I don't know why they've suddenly made it more difficult when every other music player and file manager allows you to search in this way.